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Save Up for Your First Home

By Shannon Biszantz on November 18, 2016
in The Buzz

Save Up for Your First Home

Helpful tips on how to save up for the Downpayment on your First Home

Buying your First Home is one of the most important things you will ever do. Here are some useful tips to help you get started.

No matter how easy conforming loans have made home ownership attainable these days, there is still the matter of saving for other expenses that entail owning your first home. You’ll have to factor in your reserve funds and closing costs since that will be a considerable chunk of initial money you’ll have to shell out. It may be daunting to consider the amount of money one needs to set aside but it can be done.

There is no secret to acquisition success other than a desire to work toward a goal and the discipline to stay on that path. Americans used to be the biggest savers since saving was a practical offset when household earnings surpassed spending. Recent years have made it more challenging to do this because of less income. Inflation also plays a big part of the dollars’ spending power. From here on in, you will need to make a truthful assessment of your spending habits, be proactive about changes you will need to make and apply a mindful discipline when handling your finances.

Here are vital steps to help get you started.

image source: Nasdaq

Open A Savings Account

Set up a savings account with your existing bank or credit union. Using one institution makes for better convenience of electronically transferring funds since you want to be able to make hassle-free online transfers that don’t take up your productivity time.

image source: Personal Finance

Budget is the Key

Establish a budget using a spreadsheet showing your monthly gross income minus taxes from your earnings. Subtract costs such as student and car loans, credit card bills and rent from net income. This will show you how much money you have left. Meticulously track your expenses by filing gas, restaurant, entertainment, parking receipts and anything else you may spend on. This system will quickly show you how much you take in and how much you spend empowering you to identify where to cost cut. Let’s face it, do you really NEED that $12 cup of designer coffee?

Cutting costs equate to the money you can set aside for your goal. You have to learn how to be a ruthless saver by radically changing the way you spend. It may sound difficult to do given the lifestyle to which we have become accustomed but consider households taking in smaller paychecks yet have managed to acquisition property for themselves. Make it habitual to balance your sheet twice a month to always know where you are. Make the increasing amount in your home-seed-account your inspiration.

image source: Sad Credit

Personally Assess Your Credit Standing

Interest rates you pay and the amount of money you are able to loan depend heavily on your credit score. The Federal Trade Commission has identified that 20% of credit reports are erroneous. Checking for factual mistakes on your credit score several months before you put in an application for a home loan is one smart solution. This way you can eliminate or rectify any mistakes on your credit score before it is scrutinized.

image source: Reed

To Effectively Save -Think Out of The Box

Don’t eliminate other sources of funds that you can and should put aside like monetary gifts, bonuses, tax refunds. Milestone celebrations like weddings or birthdays are good examples of when you may come into a substantial if not significant amount of money. It is easy to be tempted or justify reasons to splurge during these occasions but you need to steer your mindset back to that which is more concrete (pun intended) in the long run. Add this number to your spreadsheet and see how much closer you are to your goal!

image source: Equifax Finance Blog

Things to Remember About Down Payment Money

The bottom line is; lenders lend money to people who display financial responsibility. They want to see down payment money come directly from borrowers because it demonstrates a borrower’s ability to save and make payments. [See: Budget is Key]

image source: Align Thoughts

Every Little Bit Counts

There are roughly around 2,300 home loan programs designed to assist people in acquiring homes. Some programs offer tax benefits and reductions while others give outright grants with no strings. Knowledge is wealth so research which program best applies to or is fit for you and don’t hesitate to go into details about it with your agent.

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How will President-Elect Trump’s Real Estate Background affect the Housing Market?

Will Trump’s immense knowledge and experience  in Real Estate affect growth for homeowners?

Here are eight possible scenarios on how the new Trump presidency change the real estate market.

Political experts around the country were stunned Tuesday night when Donald Trump secured enough votes to beat Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States. While supporters from both sides are still recovering from their emotional roller coaster, I personally woke up wondering “so now what happens to the real estate market?”

We often see the president using housing as a vehicle to empower economic recovery, and with Trump being a licensed broker, many real estate professionals have sat anxiously waiting to see if new policies will come down the pipeline affecting them adversely.

So how will this new Trump presidency change the real estate market? Here are eight possible scenarios:

Will he use real estate to kick start the economy?

Trump has invested in real estate himself for most of his life, and although he hasn’t said too much about his housing platform, he has in fact indicated that he’s interested in boosting home ownership.

A lot of Trump’s platform has revolved around taking down some of the barriers of regulation in the financial market in order to restore it completely, and that in itself could significantly boost real estate.

image source: Hollywood Reporter

Will mortgage rates rise?

There are several factors affecting mortgage rates – they shift each day based on market activity and what it is doing – and Tuesday night, we saw some market panic, which is to be expected due to the surprising events.

However, as of yesterday, they had already bounced back a bit.

“Mortgage rates are falling because investors are seeing safe yields in U.S. mortgage-backed securities, reflecting their confidence in the relative safety of the U.S. housing market,” wrote Trulia chief economist Ralph McLaughlin Wednesday morning in a statement. “Furthermore, the Fed is likely to delay a December rate hike because of global economic disturbances. Both effects mean short term win for borrowers, and we’ll likely see an increase in mortgage refinancing if rates continue to plummet.”

Could this make it easier to get a loan?

There is one way that a Trump presidency could give consumers an easier path to home ownership, and that would be to lower premiums for FHA loans or chopping guarantee fees for Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

We have yet to hear those mentioned as specific priorities in his campaign – and Fannie and Freddie have their own problems, as I continue below.

image source: Greenwich Time

What about regulations?

Ok, so there have certainly been some vocalization about this by both Trump and the Republican party.

Banking regulations

In July, the Republican party approved its 2016 platform. That platform includes significant (and much-needed) changes to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and there has been talk of repealing the Dodd-Frank Act, which placed regulations on lenders and replacing it and the CFPB with something else. **I am personally in favor of this.

Loosening regulation on lending could foreseeably boost home ownership by making it easier for home buyers to obtain loans.

Building regulations

Back in August, Trump met with the National Association of Home Builders and told them “There’s no industry, aside from the energy industry, that has more regulations overseeing it than the housing industry….Twenty-five percent of costs to build a house are regulations. I’d like to see that down to around 2 percent.”

If construction regulations are loosened to some extent, this could mean lower cost (more affordable) homes for consumers.

Employer/independent contractor regulations

What happens to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, also known as Obamacare) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations is up in the air now.

And if Republicans are successful in getting rid of some or all of PPACA or OSHA, then that could mean lower operating costs for small business, including real estate brokerages. It could also mean that agents are no longer required to purchase their own health insurance as independent contractors if PPACA is repealed or amended.

Will the mortgage interest deduction go away?

A year ago, Trump shared a tax plan with the specific and explicit intention to preserve the mortgage interest deduction.

His current plan (which is more condensed than the previous) does not make detailed mention of the mortgage interest deduction.

image source: Hollywood Reporter

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Just Sold: Condo unit in Del Mar, 3 Beds, 2 Bath, Top-notch amenities

By Shannon Biszantz on November 6, 2016
in The Buzz

Just Sold: Condo unit in Del Mar, 3 Beds, 2 Bath, Top-notch amenities

Just  a few minute walk to the beach and the best restaurants in Del Mar.

Enjoy the beach lifestyle and top it off with an incredible panoramic view of the ocean

Solana Beach, a thriving city that is steadily growing through the years. It has a number of business and lifestyle-related services that keep things safe and secure for both residents and visitors. Located approximately 30 minutes from downtown San Diego, this diverse community offers high-quality schools, family-friendly neighborhood, and pristine atmosphere. The weather is always nice in San Diego, particularly in Solana Beach, with an average 62 degrees in the wintertime and 77 degrees in the summertime.

Basically, if you like the beach lifestyle, stunning views of the panoramic ocean, don’t forget that sunset, plus an awesome shopping experience, great golf courses, and the food are heavenly, of course. Then you must be in Solana Beach… Just like the new owner of this condo unit in Triple Crown.

“In 2005, a friend and I purchased a condo in Solana Beach, but quickly found ourselves renting the unit. The recent rebound in the real estate market became a driving factor in our decision to enlist Shannon’s help to research our options and ultimately pursue the sale of our condo. To complicate matters, I was out of state during the entire process. Shannon was easy to work with and aggressively represent our interests. Her knowledge and expertise were apparent during the entire process, which included renovations, staging, open houses, negotiations, etc. She was a consummate professional, responsive to our questions and concerns, and strove to get us the best price in an accelerated timeline. I would have no issue seeking her advice and/or seeking her services in the future, and would highly recommend her to those looking to purchase or sell a property in the San Diego area!”

Who you hire is important. Selling strategies vary from one realtor to another.

“number 1, the clients come first, customer satisfaction is everything and paramount, and the most important thing to me is to be of service to my client, that’s very important to me. “

– Shannon Biszantz

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A Glimpse on November Events in San Diego!

By Shannon Biszantz on November 6, 2016
in The Buzz

A Glimpse of November Events in San Diego!

November events you can have fun with your family and friends

Featuring fun, exciting events and activities scheduled for this month


Why don’t you give yourself and your family the gift of joy and happiness with a lifetime spent in the land of suds, surf, and sunset? Hailed as the ‘America’s Finest City’, San Diego welcomes everyone with its stunning coastline, incomparable weather and a plethora of entertainment and fun, which perfectly suits one’s taste.

An Impressive Place To Enjoy Your Life

Whether you’d like to try kayaking in the sea caverns right along with idyllic shores of La Jolla, stand up paddle in Mission Bay or treat yourself with a good shave from Balboa Park, definitely you won’t find yourself lonely here in San Diego.

Having said that, this wonderful place still has a lot of reasons to entice you to live here.  It is so lovely and remarkable that it dominates through various hospitality activities. Practically unlimited activities to do and so many beautiful places to visit such as Balboa Park located on the north is known to be an urban treasure. Mission Bay offers incomparable water and boating recreation that are considered nationally prominent.

So, would you still resist the charm this place can offer? Well if you do you’ll miss these jam-packed events here in San Diego North County for the month of November.

image source:

Escondido – Dia de Los Muertos Festival

November 1

Time: 6:00 pm

Venue: Lyric Court and  Great Green

Time to remember your loved ones through altars along with Mariachi Divinas, Son de San Diego and  Ballet Folklorico. Free admission, fellas at Lyric Court!

image source:

San Diego Beer Week

November 4 to 13 

Click here to view schedule

Taste how well local, craft beer San Diego have during this week!

 image source:

Kids Care Fest

November 5

Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Venue: Lakeside Rodeo Grounds,12584 Mapleview St., Lakeside.

Grab a check-up and health information for you little angels here. Don’t miss this out!

image source:

E.C. Cruisers Car Show & Toy Drive

November 5

Venue: Bates Nut Farm

Relax and have fun with cars. Rock your world through this car show and cruises.

image source:

Escondido Tamale Festival

November 5

Time:  11am-5pm

Venue: GRAPE DAY PARK 321 N. Broadway, Escondido, CA  92025

This year, Escondido Tamale Festival is bigger and better! Savor each tasty options you’ve never tried before. Buy unique holiday items, multicultural holiday décor, kids crafts, face painters, inflatable bounce houses and much more.  Join this exciting free event.

image source: Fair Findz

Escondido Renaissance Faire

November  5 and 6

Venue: Felicita Park, Escondido, CA 92029, USA

Courtliness and gallantry are now in our modern era! Witness how Elizabethan period of the 16th century looks like!

image source: San Diego Union Tribune

Carlsbad Village Street Faire

November 6

Time: 8am-4pm

Experience the stunning beauty of the seaside way of living.

image source: SDUptown News

Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure 

November 6

Time: 6:30am Registration and expo open; 7:00am-Ceremonies 8:00am-Race Start

PlaceBalboa Park – The start line is on 6th Avenue at Palm and the finish line is on Balboa Drive south of Quince. The pre- and post-event activities take place on the grassy area along 6th Avenue between Laurel and Quince.

Support Women’s fight against breast cancer.

image source: Cool San Diego Sights

Fall Back Festival in the Gaslamp

November 6

Time: 11am – 4pm

Spend this fun day with your family, a day for a thrilling and educational activities in connection with historic Gaslamp Quarter.

image source: Day Trippen

Christmas on the Farm Craft Fair 

November 8 – 9

Time: 9:00am to 4:30pm

Venue: Bates Nut Farm

Shop early for Christmas holiday. Oops! Don’t forget your shopping list.

image source: La Jolla Blue Book

So Fine on Kline

November 8


Venue: Kline Street, between Girard and Ivanhoe Avenues.

So Fine on Kline offers activities for all ages. Children can enjoy playing with jumpers, tall slides, pony rides, petting zoo and art projects while adults can have fun at the beer garden, food, a 50/50 raffle where winner takes home 50 percent of event proceeds, and music from artists. 

image source: San Diego Union-Tribune

Poway Veterans Day Ceremony

November 11

Time: 11:00am

Venue: Veterans Park, 14134 Midland Road Poway, CA 92064

Join the Poway Veterans Park Committee for a ceremony to honor those who selflessly served our Country.

image source: LA Times

Fallbrook Veteran’s Day Parade

November 11 

Time: 10:00 am

A day to salute all veterans all over the country!

image source: Your North County

SnowJam-Ski & Snowboard Expo

November 11 – 13

Time:  4:00pm-10:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm

The biggest sale of winter equipment, accessory and clothing are here. Chase it and save up to 70%!

image source: Times of San Diego


Del-Mar Bing Crosby Season

Fri, Nov. 11th – Sun, Dec. 4th

Racing enthusiasts are at it again and they are ready for another set. Where else would you rather be than ! Bet and win big!   Click here to view the schedule.

image source: La Jolla Blue Book

Cardiff Surf Classic – Block Party

Nov 12

Time: 1pm – 6pm

Venue:   Patagonia Cardiff Store

Enjoy live music, live mural art by Skye Walker & Marissa Quinn, free t-shirt screen printing, coffee cart, food truck, and beer lounge! (so*)

image source: Visit Oceanside

Oceanside Fall Festival

November 12

Time: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Venue: Heritage Park, 220 Peyri Drive Oceanside, CA 92057 USA

Honoring our Oceanside Fire Department, This event will be a day dedicated to families; an all day fun family-friendly activities with games, music, a chili cook-off. The Fall Festival is a free event while food and game tickets will be available for purchase.

image source: Tri-City Hospital Foundation

Tri-City Hospital Diamond Ball

November 12

Time: 5:00 PM

Venue: 2100 Costa Del Mar Road| Carlsbad CA 92009

This foundation has funded more than $46 million dollars in programs for services, and capital needs for Tri-City Medical Center. Tri-City Hospital Foundation Diamond Ball 2016 presents an “Evening with Jay Leno” for a fun night that will make you feel happy and entertained. Click here to buy tickets.

image source: Running Page Marathon

Silver Strand Half Marathon & 5K

November 13

Time: 7:00 a.m.

Venue: Coronado to Imperial Beach

Run with the Pacific Ocean breeze and the San Diego Bay, this sight-seeing/ race event ends the day with a California Beach Party!  Fun, fun, fun!

image source: Visit California

San Diego Bay Wine And Food Festival

November 14-20

Enjoy and browse from 9,000 fellow wine and food enthusiasts from this festival. Get your tickets now as Ticket prices increase November 4! Click here for tickets and schedule.

image source: Hidden San Diego

Santee Holiday Lighting

November 18

Time: 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Venue: Santee Trolley Square, 9884 Mission Gorge Road, Santee, California 92071

Inspired to further enhance quality life and entertainment, mark your calendar and join this event.  FREE Admission, Minimal cost for some activities

image source: RedTri

The Del Mar Antique Show And Sale

November 18 – 20

Time: Friday & Saturday 11am to 7pm; Sunday 11am to 5pm

The Del Mar Antique Show & Sale now on its 56th year, the appraisal people will be available for 3 days and their rate is only $5 per item. Great repair & restoration people will be there to help you make your damaged treasures as good as new. They are able to repair all types of glass & crystal, pottery & porcelain, furniture, jewelry, art and much more. (so*)

image source: KBPS

Vista Community Clinic Gala

November 19

Venue: Costa del Sol Ballroom of the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Ca.

image source: San Elijo Life

San Elijo Holiday Boutique

November 19

Time: 10 am – 3 pm

Venue: San Elijo Rec Center, 1105 Elfin Forest Rd.

image source: Festival Archive

San Diego Jazz Fest

November 23 to 27

Time: LIVE MUSIC SCHEDULE Wednesday, 7-11 PM (2 bands), Thursday, 7-11 PM (5 bands), Friday 10 AM-11 PM, Saturday 9 AM-12:30 AM, Sunday 9 AM-6 PM

Venue: Town & Country Resort and Convention Center

Jazz music genre rocks! The event is often called San Diego Jazz Festival “the crown jewel of jazz festivals.” Enjoy the spa of music in your ears as you listen to  their melodious tunes.

November 24

image source: The Daily Burn

5K Walk/Run to Feed The Hungry

November 24

Time: 10K @ 7 a.m. | 5K @ 8:15 a.m.

Venue: Downtown, Outside Westfield Horton Plaza

Fitness shouldn’t be ignored. Register now on these events and be involved.

image source: San Diego Tribune

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

November 24

Time: Monday — Thursday, 10am — 11pm, Friday — Sunday, 11am — 11pm

Venue:  Rohr Park4250 Sweetwater Road, Bonita, CA 91902

Click here to register

image source: Visit Oceanside

Oceanside Turkey Trot

November 24

Invites you to come join the run this Thanksgiving at  Oceanside’s 11th Annual  PMCU Turkey Trot 10k or 5K run/walk. Join one of the fastest growing holiday traditions. Be sure to bring the whole family, as there will be races for everyone. 

image source: Thanksgiving Run

Father Joe’s Thanksgiving 5K

Nov. 23

Time: 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Venue: Balboa Park, Spreckels Organ Pavilion, 1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

image source: South Park SD

South Park Luminaria Tree Lighting

November 29 – January 2, 2017

Time: 6 p.m.

Venue: Grape Street Square, Grape Street & Fern

image source: San Diego Magazine

Skating  by the Sea At Hotel Del

November 24 – December 16

Click here for the schedule

Grabe your skates and skate away. This rink is available every except on Dec 6 from 6-8:30 pm for Make -A-Wish Family Skate Night.

image source: Coronado Times

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Awesome Restaurants for your “Must try list”

By Shannon Biszantz on November 6, 2016
in The Buzz

Awesome Restaurants for your “Must try list”

Must Try Downtown Restaurants that boast mouthwatering cuisines

Featuring San Diego’s finest downtown restaurants you would love to try out if you haven’t yet.

San Diego is where you can find the best restaurants that meet your taste of all kinds of cuisines. Exploring the entire city will bring you to the most visited food locations that will surely excite your appetite. And as I am a definite foodie, I have the urge to explore all good diners out there. These restaurants are definitely a “Must Try” and it sure won’t disappoint. Here are the latest places I have “adventure dined” at and absolutely love!

10 best restaurants in San Diego that suit your budget.

Photo Credits: Toronto Star

Urban Solace 

(3823 30th St. San Diego CA)

Featuring fantastic collections of shaped beer, boutique wines, and crafted cocktails, Urban Solace became one of the best destinations for restaurants in San Diego. This is your best spot for any occasion with a wide array of a delectable palate. Urban Solace’s dishes are made from fresh seafood, veggies, and meat, giving you a sumptuous dining experience.

Photo Credits: Kirbie Cravings

The Original Sab-E-Lee 

(6925 Linda Vista Road CA)

Offering very authentic plates in Rancho Penasquitos, The Original Sab E-Lee makes every belly happy. Their chefs are experienced in getting all your preferences of flavors (sweet, hot, spicy etc.). Try their new offers like Morning Glory, Namtok and other unique saucers.

Photo Credits: Good Eats San Diego

Bronx Pizza

(111 Washington St. San Diego)

Serving delightful pizza and other sauces from 11 am to 11 pm. Get a slice of pizza every day from the best pizza cooks.

Photo Credits : San Diego Reader

Plumeria Vegetarian

(4661 Park Blvd, University Heights San Diego)

Vegetarians would love to dine at Plumeria Vegetarian because of its fresh, savory and crisp veggies. They serve all kinds of vegetable dishes. They believe in high-quality and exceptional vegan, serving organic delights free of animal products and fish sauces. Reserve a seat from 11 am to 10 pm 7 days a week.

Photo Credits: The Man Guide

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens-Liberty Station 

(2816 Historic Decatur Rd)

The restaurant is one of the biggest dining locations in San Diego encompassing over 23,500 square feet of both outdoor and indoor spaces. Stone Brewing taps specially crafted beers and other breweries. Offering more than 100 crafted beers, you will definitely grab your choice. They also serve world-inspired cuisines, deliciously and creatively made for you.

Photo Credits: San Diego Eater

Bankers Hills Bar & Restaurant 

(2202 4th Ave San Diego CA 92101)

For any occasion such as birthday and wedding, the store is open to serve you with delightful cuisines within your budget. They serve American dishes from steak and seafood with various collections of beers and pastries. The desserts are great. Visit them anytime of the day to get a taste of their best servings.

Photo Credits: Time Out

CUCINA Urbana 

(505 Laurel St. San Diego CA 92101)

Combining aesthetic bliss and culinary pleasures, CUCINA Urbana is the best place to go for a great design and eating experience. CUCINA is a great spot for Italian dining and wine drinking with more than 250 famous brands of wine to choose from. They are open with flexible hours throughout the week.

Photo Credits: Cooking With Melody

Ristorante Arrivederci

(3845 4th Ave San Diego 92103)

A nicely decorated restaurant truly adds excitement for guests. The idea behind the creation of Ristorante Arrivederci is to offer excellent customer service and delightful dishes that you can afford. Fill your tummy with the best Italian dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Photo Credits: Trip Advisor

Caffe Calabria 

(3933 30th St. North Park San Diego CA 92104)

Coffee can be everything for some people this is why the restaurant came up with a great idea of joining a cup of coffee and original Southern Italian culinary delights. Certainly, this is your best spot for a conventional dining experience. It serves a salad, steak, seafood, desserts and other palates from 11 am to 10 pm from Mondays to Saturdays.


Photo Credits:

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