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Preparing Your Credit Score for Homeownership

How to Prepare Your Credit Score for Homeownership

Your Guide to Preparing Your Credit Score for Homeownership

By Marcus McCue, Executive Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer, Guardian Mortgage Company, Inc.

Sure, saving for a down payment is important, but too many home buyers get caught up in the “save, save, save” mindset, only to find themselves with a bad deal and a huge mortgage payment down the road.

Why? Because they neglected their credit along the way.

You see, your credit plays a huge role in the type of mortgage loan (and the mortgage rate) you can get when buying a home. While putting away a thousand a month could certainly help you put a chunk of change down up front, you might actually be better served by putting those funds toward your credit card debt, student loans, car payments or other outstanding lines of credit you have open.

The truth is, the best use of one’s money varies from person to person. The important thing is you take a long hard look at your credit score – and credit history – long before you consider buying a home. You need to:

  • Run your credit report. Get your free annual credit report from Experian or Equifax, and pay the small extra fee to get access to your credit score. The minimum you’ll need to secure a mortgage loan is a score of 580, but keep in mind, the lower your score is on the spectrum, the higher mortgage rate you can expect – and that means more interest (and more money spent) in the long run.
  • Look at your credit history. You should also look at the credit history on your report. How long have you had lines of credit open? What has your payment history been like? Lenders look for borrowers who have proven their ability to make payments reliably over time. The more you’ve paid your bills on time, the better borrower you make.

  • Find room for improvement. If you only have one or two lines of credit, have had a spotty payment history or your credit score is low, you definitely have some room for improvement. Instead of getting yourself deeper into debt with a mortgage loan now, consider how you can make your current credit report look even better. If you have a low score, work on paying down your outstanding debts and making payments on time, every time. If you’re short on lines of credit, open up a new credit card and use it for daily purchases. Then, every week, pay it off in full from your debit account. It’s a great way to boost your score and give yourself better credit history at the same time.
  • Avoid making big purchases. The fastest way to make a bad credit situation look even worse is to make a big purchase right before you apply for a mortgage. This sends up an immediate red flag to your lender, signaling that you might be more than a little irresponsible with your money. Steer clear of any big purchases if you’re preparing to buy a home, and save big-ticket items for later, once you’re settled in at your new place.
  • Run your credit again. Once you’ve done some work, run your credit report again (keep in mind, you will have to pay if it’s within a one-year period). Check to see how your score has improved and what your credit history looks like after putting in the time. If you’ve seen a boost in either, you’re probably safe to apply for pre-qualification, which will give you an idea of what sort of mortgage loan and rate you could currently secure.

Preparing your credit for homeownership is crucial – especially if you want a great rate with a great lender. Want to know what your current credit would garner you? Contact a loan officer and apply for pre-qualification today. We’re here to help.

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Top 10 Best Rooftop Bars in San Diego

By Shannon Biszantz on July 6, 2017
in The Buzz

Top 10 Best Rooftop Bars in San Diego

Go-To List of the Best Rooftop Bars in San Diego

Your Guide to the 10 Best Rooftop Bars in San Diego

San Diego’s famous warm weather attracts people from all parts of the world offering a tempting opportunity to spend nights and days outside. Exploring a new city can be one of the most exciting things you can do when going on a vacation. So if you haven’t been to a San Diego rooftop bar and you’re on the lookout for the best drinks without having to spend your nights in a loud crowd, then plan the best night ever with friends on these top ten best rooftop bars in San Diego and enjoy high top building views and booze.

image source:  San Diego Dining


ALTITUDE is the highest open-air rooftop bar in the area giving you a better view of the city and is located next to Petco Park, giving you a freeball game. It does have a dress code so show up in style and drink all night.

image source: San Diego


Amplified is best known for its great tasting and sought after beers. Their whammy bar wheat is a must sip while you are in there. They’ve got happy hours which cost the beer at almost nothing.

image source: Belmont


Cannonball’s got a great view of the beach and ocean, as you settle into a deck that is themed like the inside of a pool. If you feel like going Japanese and craves for Sushi, they’ve got it here on a bigger serving. Not to mention their Currys which are all a thumbs up.

image source:


Catania is an Italian restaurant located along the Cali coast which offers you an astounding views of the ocean. Serving  authentic Italian coastal cuisine in a relaxed, yet elevated setting featuring a thoughtful selection of menu and handcrafted dessert.

image source: King of Happy


Dig in to the all time favorites of seafood, tacos and margaritas and more! All in the menu are delightfully served and made from the freshest, local ingredients

image source: Michelle Leon


Cabanas are located on Little Italy’s only open-air rooftop lounge bringing that feeling of serenity and quietude. Its open rooftop patio offers the restaurant’s thoughtful and  dynamic cocktail programs, like boutique wines, craft cocktail decanter and individual classic cocktails.

image source:


Those looking for a rooftop bar can head to LoungeSix for some savory seasonal bites and craft cocktails poolside.

image source: The Whiskey


Ocean Beach Brewery is a great spot to grab a beer while enjoying an ocean view with an ocean breeze. Their Famous Rocky Balboa burger and Cider beer combination is a must try. What’s great is that they do have a kids menu as well, so you can bring your little ones for brunch lunch or late dinner.

image source: The Nolen


A breathtaking view of the San Diego skyline while sitting around the giant fire pit in the middle is one of the things that makes the client go back in the Nolen. Egg Benedict and Carnitas are making the buzz on their menu list so you don’t want to miss out on ordering these the next time you visit them.

image source:


The rooftop has a really nice lounge with a community fire pit and stunning views of the city. It has a 360 view of downtown San Diego and the fabulous infinity pools. Feel Refreshing, which is great for the summer heat.

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Just Listed Homes in San Diego North County

By Shannon Biszantz on June 15, 2017
in The Buzz

Browse new just listed homes, apply a variety of searches using our search filters and sort them several different ways. 

Just Listed Homes in San Diego North County

image error Just Listed Homes in San Diego North County Areas we cover

Carmel Valley | Del Mar | Solana Beach | Rancho Santa Fe| Cardiff-by-the-Sea | Encinitas | Carlsbad


For inquiries, you may contact Shannon Biszantz of The Biszantz Connection 

Buying a home in San Diego North County?

If you would like to meet with me to start planning your goals to buying… From Single Family Homes, Condominiums to townhomes and more, I am positive we can find the right home for you. Visit our website to view real estate listings in the area. Call me at 619-417-4655 or email

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A Piece of Heaven on Earth – Rancho Santa Fe

By Shannon Biszantz on June 15, 2017
in The Buzz

A Piece of Heaven on Earth – Rancho Santa Fe

You wake up to take in that sun in the morning, the sky is clear and blue, and the fresh ocean breeze sweeps your hair back as you take a deep breath as birds sing so beautifully with a backdrop of trees. 

This sounds just like a dream but it could be you EVERY DAY. 

Because this is Rancho Santa Fe. Waking up to a beautiful dreamy place where the cool and the tropical meet. With the same dreamy weather all year long the waters, the land, the people, invite you to come out and have fun in the sun. The winter isn’t the cold you’ve been dreading, with worries of having your car or your porch inches deep in snow. It’s a weather of tequila, pina colada, and margaritas or good ol’ cold beer perfectly brewed at the Green Flash Brewing Company.

The Rancho Santa Fe Experience: 

You don’t leave your home for a vaycay day, you live it every day. Nature embraces your every corner while it thrives along with a buzz of entertainment and a wonderful dining experience from places like the Inn or RSF Golf Course and Club. The Dining scene here is also ready to excite your taste buds, from classic French Cuisines of Mille Fleurs Incorporated to American favorites at Thyme in the Ranch or The Pony Room, and scrumptious seafood selections from Pacific Coast Grill.

Surrounding Rancho Santa Fe is a wide spread of options for entertainment and escapes, you’ll never run out of things to do. You can check out the many beautiful surrounding beaches and parks like Seagrove Park, Batiquitos Lagoon, Fletcher Cove Park, Dog Beach, Swami Beach and Leo Carillo Ranch Historic Park. If you’re up for some action on the track, you can visit Del Mar Race Track just 7km from The Inn at Rancho, Santa Fe. 

Despite all that buzz and life around you though you’re always welcome to just chill and enjoy the beautiful weather any day. So if you’re out looking for a piece of heaven on earth, to find peace, experience nature’s beauty and truly live the good life, just come on over to Rancho, Santa Fe. You can plan to stay here for a day, but you’ll surely want to stay forever.



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 JUST SOLD this Gorgeous Condo in Rancho Santa FE  with a 5 star Zillow Review!

5620 Camino Esmerado Rancho Santa Fe CA 92091

2 bedroom  2 baths 1,159 sqft

Another triumphant deal from the Premier Agent. In a week’s time, Shannon was able to close the sale and successfully handed this gorgeous home to its enthusiastic new owner. Not only that, it has garnered a 5 Star Zillow Review, only gets to show how happy Alan is, with the success of the Sale!

See more of this beautiful abode:

Need Help Selling yours? Call me! 619-417-4655

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Buying a home in San Diego North County?

If you would like to meet with me to start planning your goals to buying… From Single Family Homes, Condominiums to townhomes and more, I am positive we can find the right home for you. Visit our website to view real estate listings in the area. Call me at 619-417-4655 or email

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