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February 27 & 28 OPEN HOUSE LIST in San Diego

North San Diego’s Open House Schedule for February 27 & 28

Complete list of Open Houses in and around North San Diego County for Feb 27 &28


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Carlsbad | Cardiff by the sea | Carmel Valley | Del Mar | Encinitas | La Jolla |

Rancho Santa Fe | Solana Beach


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best deals

The Best Deals for $600,000 in and around San Diego!

Available properties in and around San Diego area for $600,000.

Own a property today in San Diego area for as low as $600,000, Today!


The best deals all over San Diego for $600,000 is what we are featuring this week. The market is getting tighter, fewer properties available for sale so The Biszantz Connection has scoured the new listings to bring you the BEST DEALS for $600,000.

La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Downtown, Pacific Beach, Sail Bay, Del Cerro all have a few great deals available. We also have Encinitas, Escondido, Claremont, and   Allied Gardens & downtown’s best deals.

My 2 BEST PICKS this week goes to the Del Mar Downs Townhome that is right next to Del Mar Beach, the track, Red Tractons, and Fish Market.

The second is a fantastically clean townhome on Voyager right off Del Mar Heights Road. These homes are single story, attached garage, incredible walking neighborhood and Torrey Pines High School location.

So sit back, enjoy and see what YOU can buy for $600,000 this week.  If any catch your eye…be sure to give us a call at The Biszantz Connection. My direct line is 619-417-4655.

Happy House Hunting!

Shannon Biszantz

2040 Winsome Way Encinitas, California

2516 Starlight Glen Escondido, California

1330 Hinrichs Way Escondido, California

Darrow glen

1313 Owl Glen

7509 Draper Avenue



















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For San Diego real estate inquiries or concerns, you may reach Shannon at 619-417-4655 or email:

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San Diego Homes For Sale for $500,000

What $500,000 will buy you in San Diego!



What $500,000 will BUY you in North San Diego County, Feb.16

I often wonder…what I could buy for a certain price in San Diego….and I’m sure you do to on occasion!

We started compiling a list of the best buys weekly in different price ranges All over San Diego. This week it is $500,000.

My criteria includes:

Detached, if possible, best backyards, inspiring views, great space, fab location, low HOA’s, no Mello Roos…basically all the things that I would want for my purchase.

This week we have:

Homes  in Carlsbad, Carmel Valley, Vista, Clairemont, Del Cerro, and   TIERRASANTA.

 Take  this journey with me as I explore every Tuesday…what your money will buy you in  San Diego! 

We simply ask for your contact info on signing up so that we can send you this list weekly to your mailbox.

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Shannon Biszantz

The Biszantz Connection














































More homes at

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How to Help Your Family Members to Buy their First Home

I found this interesting article on how parents can help their children to buy their first home. There is a way, though, I would suggest  that you consult with the bank or what your partner thinks about it.


Written by  | source:

This is an arrangement where you — as investors — own a portion of the property with your children. Under a shared equity arrangement, there generally are two separate entities. You (and your spouse, if applicable) would be considered the owner-investors, and your son and daughter-in-law would be considered the owner-occupants. The four of you would take title to the property. You could own fifty percent, for example, with your children owning the remaining fifty percent. Your children, as owner-occupants, would pay half of the monthly principal, interest, taxes and insurance, as well as half of the estimated fair market rental of the property. You, as owner-investors, would pay half of the monthly costs, would receive the rental income, but would also be able to get some tax benefits if the transaction is properly structured.

In today’s market conditions, where prices are clearly higher than many young couples can afford, shared equity may be the only way to permit our younger generation to get into the home ownership arena.

Here is a general outline of how shared equity works. Although there is no magic formula by which one takes title, often — especially when dealing with family — title is taken on a 50-50 split.

The owner-occupant and the owner-investor each pay 50% of the monthly mortgage costs and taxes. Both parties are entitled to deduct from their income taxes their share of the mortgage interest and the real estate taxes. The owner-occupant pays rent to the owner-investor.

In our example, because your children — as owner-occupants — will only own half of the house, they will have to pay 50 percent of the fair market rental to you as owner-investors. This rental is considered income to an owner-investor, and must be included in your tax return. The main advantage for the owner-investor is that you can depreciate 50% of the property. However, this depreciation is subject to the passive tax rules which Congress enacted with its sweeping tax reform legislation in 1986.

There are a number of legal requirements for qualifying for the shared equity program.

1. The owner-occupant must pay a fair market rental for the portion that he or she does not own.

Perhaps the best way to determine this fair market value is to ask a real estate agent to give you a statement in writing as to what they believe is the fair market rental of the property. With such a document in your files, you should be able to justify the rental if and when the IRS comes knocking at your door to challenge the shared equity concept. A Tax Court opinion has ruled that owner-occupants could pay a somewhat lower rent than fair market rental because the investor will not have any vacancy losses, and because the owner-investor will save the additional costs of hiring a property manager.

A safe harbor would be to deduct 15% from the fair market value, and then your children, as owner-occupants would pay half of that amount to you.

2. There must be an equity sharing agreement. This document, which must be in writing and signed prior to the purchase of the property, should spell out the terms and conditions between the owner-occupant and the owner-investor.

For example, when will this agreement terminate? Who has the right to buy out the other, and under what terms and conditions?

These very serious questions must be resolved, and it is strongly recommended that you do so now while you are still talking with your children. As harsh as it may sound, parents and children often get into major fights, and you do not want to wait until you start having problems in an effort to resolve these important questions.

3. One of the owners must actually occupy the property as his or her principal residence.





New List of Handpicked Homes in Carlsbad 92009 and Encinitas 92024

It’s that time of the week where our team post another amazing handpicked listings for Carlsbad 92009 and Encinitas 92024. I always look forward to the handpicked listings that we post every week. I always love seeing new properties listed, you’ll never know what you will find from those listings! For example the perfect view, the swimming pool and a lot more!

Since there are only few new listings for this week and had been posted over the weekend, I decided to break out of what we usually post and removed the price range, in this way you will get to see all the new listings and what they have to offer!

Also, since we have started to include other zip codes from our last week’s post, we have included another yet amazing properties for other zip codes from 92007,92008,92011, 92037, 92130 and 92014. You can download the pdf file for these zip codes just CLICK HERE.

Here is our new list of handpicked listings for Carlsbad, 92009 and Encinitas, 92024.


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