Del Mar Fair Has The Turkey Stampede Show And Some More Fried Foods!

Del Mar Fair Has More Than Just Fried Foods!

Del Mar Fair Has More Than Just Fried Foods, Try The Turkey Stampede Show!

Del Mar Fair 2012
Del Mar Fair 2012

Right After I wrote my first blog about The Del Mar Fair, I decided to make an “outing of it” with some of my  good friends, young and age. I had some sons of friends with me, some daughters, friends I love to spend time with and my biggest fan.  Once we got in the gates, I told the boys to “split” and boy did they run off with money and ride tickets in hand faster than I could blink! The rest of us enjoyed a leisurely walk through the Fair. Since I have been a Del Mar Fair Attendee for over 40 years, I have skillfully developed a “systematic approach” on how to view everything at The Del Mar Fair in less than 2 days. This was our first day and in my book, first the Landscaping Competitions in the Wine Festival area. What a great combination! But we had to pace ourselves since we arrived around 1pm and I knew it was happy hour somewhere but just not sure where. First Direct Eating Establishment has always been Roxy’s where they serve Battered Artichoke Hearts. Luckily they have a year round restaurant in Encinitas to get my fix in the winter.  Then one must visit all the buildings that sell everything from Emu Oil, Palm Readings, Sushi Makers to Personality Tests for only a few dollars and your signature!  I have 2 favorites in this area and they are The Garlic Man from Gilroy California, who sells everything from Garlic Mustard to Garlic Spices for your Popcorn! The Second is ..well for lack of a better term “The Nuts Man” who sells bags of so many types of nuts from Chocolate Almonds to Roasted and Salted Cashews.

Roxy's Menu
Roxy’s Menu



After a few “initial appetizers” and purchases we made our way to the “Ski Lift” that took us to the infield. I had heard about this Turkey Stampede Show from Ramona, California that was a “Not To Miss Item” At the Del Mar Fair. The show only runs twice a day and we had to wait quite a while for it to start. Every minute of the wait was worth it to watch these Big Tom Turkeys Run Around a Course. And I thought Race Horses were the only thing worth betting on!

Turkey Stampede

I would have missed where this is but the girls showed me in the innfield that it was just next to the world of Horses Display.

I actually did video the show because I thought it was so funny.

I couldn’t believe how many people were there waiting for the show so I created another video of the kids competing.

After The Turkey Stampede  Show, I noticed a new Food Stand this year of fried lobster…I thought that was so interesting (at least to me) but no one was in line for the lobster. $20 a lobster seemed to high a price for a “food item” at The Del Mar Fair in this economy. Since we did buy the “all you can enter The Del Mar Fair

The Nuts Stand with Hundreds of Bags Of Nuts To Choose From.
The Nuts Stand with Hundreds of Bags Of Nuts To Choose From.

admission tickets of $24 I have been thinking about going back and trying the lobster stand this week.

Now we were ready for some serious eating: On our menu was the Fried Avocado, 2.5 pound Turkey Leg with Bacon, and the kids wanted chocolate covered fried bacon. A little Vodka Tonic made it all taste terrific! (Well the chocolate covered bacon was a bit much.)  Notice the picture in my gallery that shows Fairgrounds Officials conviniently parked the ambulance right in front of where all the Fried Food was sold!

Within a few hours, the boys were back out of money and ride tickets.  The sun was beggining to descend so as a group we decided on a few more rides before we left.

Ferris wheel is always a must, especially at sunset in Del Mar. Here is a quick video of that lovely sunset on Friday:

Once in the “ride mood” I decided I wanted to do my favorite one that doesn’t turn upside down but goes around. I keep forgetting the name of it but you might recognize it from this picture:

My Favorite Ride.
My Favorite Ride.

The sun started setting, the lights were being turned on in the “Ride Zone” and the night crowd was starting to wander in before the evening concert.  That was our cue to leave for the day and wait for the next day we will return this week! Below is a gallery of all the pictures I took at The Del Mar Fair.


[nggallery id=9]

So to all my dear friends who mumble, complain about Fair Traffic, avoid Del Mar during the Fair Season, I simply respond that you haven’t seen it lately!

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