Opening Day at The Del Mar Racetrack is always memorable!

Del Mar Racetrack is the place to be on July 18th,  Opening day.

Lights, Camera and action! Actually on opening day it is very similar:  Dress, Hat, Shoes, Money for Gambling and your off! Of course that applies to the ladies, which is really one of the only reasons men actually go to Opening Day to begin with! To just be there is a treat, but to be able to be a member and get into The Del Mar Turf Club or The Suites is truly a plus. This year I traded out my box on the finish line in exchange for my good friend Gino’s 6 seater table which is directly next to mine every opening day. This year we had a great group of people who collectively, made it a fun day for everyone. Here is a set of pictures of my guests:[nggallery id=12]

With over 20 “Opening Days” under my belt, before race #1 I made all my bets and put them in my wallet. To this time I have not looked at whether I made any money. However, I had a day full of adventure. One of the benefits of being with The Winfelds, owner of Fine Living Magazine, I followed Heather around and we took pictures of all the best and maybe..adventurous outfits! We also ran into  Phoebe Chong Chua who now has a television series “Live Fit” Series on Living well….you can see why from the pictures! Here are some of our pictures enjoying Opening Day: [nggallery id=13]

Some people get excited when they see Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney or the like. Well, for me it is Jimmy “The Hat” Allard. Jimmy The Hat is a celebrity and I ran into him at the elevator of the Turf Club. Jimmy “The Hat” has hit the Pick Six more than 200 times. He is the only professional  gambler on record to hit Pick Six tickets in excess of $1 million three years in  a row. Now for me, only hitting the pick 6 once and the pick 5 once, that is one hell of an accomplishment. I just had to go up to him, introduce myself and of course ask him his picks for Opening Day at Del Mar Racetrack. As calm and collected as he could be, he leaned over and said very quietly “keep your money in your purse. This is not the day to bet but look me up and I will be here all season.” Luckily my friend Lynn was with us and witnessed it and we got a picture with him.

Shannon Biszantz, Jimmy "The Hat" Allard, Lyn Murtagh
Shannon Biszantz, Jimmy “The Hat” Allard, Lyn Murtagh

I think I will sit down now and go through my tickets from opening day to see if I had any winners. But on Opening Day of Del Mar, the winners are the attendees that pack The Turf Club, Box Seats, and especially those in the winners circle.Tomorrow night is the second of 4’O’clock Fridays and I will be looking for Jimmy for some tips.

I even love the new logo: Del Mar Cool As Ever!








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