Most people don’t realize what goes in to getting a home ready for “agent caravan” and the general public. Depending on an agents attention to detail, it can take weeks to get a house cleaned out, professionally staged, photographed and video and ready for the first open house. My next listing is at 16074 Avenida Calma and we have been preparing all week for the upcoming open house to Realtors on April 1st. This home has such a sensational French Provencal influence, I decided to design the agent caravan around the theme. I am serving a traditional Provencal meal, Quiche and a French Salad. My invitation to agents read
“Enjoy lunch in Provence at Morgan Run Country Club”
I also am having a bit of fun with this. Each caravan I try to make interesting to drive agents to want to come to my caravan verses someone else’s. This week I am going to hold “A realtor Easter Egg Hunt” during caravan. Diane and I bought 100 plastic eggs. Some just have candy in them. But a handful have gift certificates, free movie tickets, Starbucks gift certificates in them. The key is the eggs are going to be well hidden and only EACH AGENT GETS TO FIND ONE EGG.
Below is a video showing all the work that goes into making a house marketable for sale. I thank Diane, Myron (who is the best fixer in any aspect regarding a house), the movers he organized and photographer Brent Haywood who made it all happen. And most importantly, my client Seta, who is a dream to work for!


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