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Del Mar Thoroughbred Meet Extended Into 2 Sessions This Year in 2014.

Del Mar Race Track will have their regular meet this summer and an additional one in November.

Del Mar Race Track Meet is Extended Two a Second Meet in November.

Del Mar Race Track Meet is Extended Two a Second Meet in November.

ith all approvals ensured and long-range projections starting to come into clear focus, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club has begun to move forward toward a two-meet racing season in 2014 – the initial session being its usual summer stand, the second a shorter run covering the month of November.

            Near the conclusion of 2013, Del Mar received the green light for its dual meets from both the California Horse Racing Board and the California Coastal Commission. In addition, it also worked through date and grounds issues with its landlord – the 22nd District Agricultural Association, the state body that oversees the multi-purpose, 350-acre Del Mar Fairgrounds that is home to the seaside racing oval.

            With all parties in agreement, DMTC officials now are preparing to put on their usual special summer show followed by a unique fall session that will help patch one of the holes in the Southern California racing calendar caused by the closing of Betfair Hollywood Park in December.

            The track’s summer season – which will be its 75th going back to 1937 – will open on Thursday, July 17 and go forward to Wednesday, September 3. Over the past several decades Del Mar usually has started its regular meet on a Wednesday, but with the San Diego County Fair running until Sunday, July 6 in 2014, the extra day to prepare the grounds and the racing surface – and to allow horses to adapt to it – was considered a safety priority. Del Mar last opened on a Thursday in 1999, and also opened on that day in 1969 and 1956.

            Del Mar’s fall meeting will have 15 racing days, opening on Friday, November 7 and concluding on Sunday, November 30. It will race Friday-Saturday-Sunday on its first weekend, then settle into a four-days-per-week (Thursday through Sunday) schedule for the balance of the session. In conjunction with the singular nature of the second season, track officials are planning a totally different theme to the session, one that calls on the track’s Hollywood roots harkening back to its founder, Bing Crosby, and his show business connections.               

            In 2015 Del Mar is scheduled to run a similar twofold arrangement with slightly different dates. The 2015 summer season is slated for Wednesday, July 15 through Labor Day Monday, September 7, an expansion of its standard dates from seven to eight weekends and a total of 41 racing days. The fall session would be scheduled from Wednesday, October 28 through Wednesday, December 2, a five-week season that would enable the track to be open and available during the Breeders’ Cup traditional dates, which are normally either the last weekend in October or the first in November.

            “Our fall race meeting starting this year will be totally separate from our summer session,” noted Del Mar Thoroughbred Club president and CEO Joe Harper. “They will be two different animals. We know our summer meet is a winner; we’ve proven it over and over again. And we expect our autumn run can be special, too, in its own way. With the backing of our horsemen and all our many racing fans in the San Diego area, we think we can put on a first-rate show here in the fall and help to keep racing in Southern California strong and successful.”

If you want a piece of the action and own a home where the only Race Track in the world is right on the beach, Call Shannon Biszantz from the Biszantz Connection to show you homes in Del Mar that will make your Del Mar Experience even greater! 619-417-4655.

in Del Mar horses saddling up in the paddock before going under the tunnel under the Del Mar Racetrack.

in Del Mar horses saddling up in the paddock before going under the tunnel under the Del Mar Racetrack.


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Best recipes for a Mint Julep on Kentucky Derby Day!

Bets Mint Julep Recipe for The Kentucky Derby’s Run For The Roses!


Off to the grocery store I go in search of the best ingrediants for what is known as “The best Mint Julip in The World.”  It is a “must serve” at your Kentucky Derby Party tomorrow.

The second most asked question this time of year right after, “which horse will win the Kentucky Derby”, is usually “what is the best Mint Julep recipe ever?” In honor of the bacon-and-egg relationship of fine spirits and betting on a Kentucky Derby winner, we have dusted off an old family recipe which we swear was concocted by our Great-Grandpappy and perfect if you are holding a party.

A note about the ingredients- suggest anything pre-mixed or made with powdered sugar and you should turn around and leave right now with your head bowed in shame. The Mint Julep is a deceptively simple drink in terms of combination, but needs a slow hand and a reverence for all things Kentucky. You will need:

Mint Julep Ingredients- Serves 8

2 cups of the sweetest Kentucky morning dew collected from a field of uncut bluegrass (or tap water if you must)

2 cups of the purest sugar hand refined by debutantes at a charity ball (or the store bought white stuff if you don’t want to take the whole thing seriously)
 ½ cup roughly chopped Spearmint leaves grown by blind mountain men (regular mint is fine but please try and buy it from someone wearing overalls)
 32 fluid ounces of premium Kentucky Bourbon preferably along the lines of the 107 proof “Pappy Van Winkle”

 Mint leaf garnish? Really? Stop it, you are just embarrassing yourself.

Making a True Mint Julep

Now that you have some combination of the above ingredients you are ready to practice the magic of mixology, or in the case of the Mint Julep something we like to call “Southern Alchemy”. Wait until your guests arrive before preparing, and remember it’s all about the feel!

1. Put the sugar and water into a saucepan and bring slowly to a full boil until the sugar is dissolved. Let stand and cool. You have now made “simple syrup”, which is not an insult to that side of your family that no one talks about, but rather reflects the ease of the preparation. Simple syrup has many uses, such as for sweetenin’ old fashioned ice tea and declaring that “it is insufferably hot today.”

2. Mash the spearmint with the simple syrup. There is some controversy here but it is muddled so just ignore it completely. The Julep (which comes in many flavours) is originally a medicinal drink which was then made into a tincture with the appropriate herb depending on one’s condition. The alcohol no doubt made the whole thing much more pleasant but note that this drink has real medicinal value- in particular to sooth nerves, aid digestion, vanquish gas, and scarily enough combat hirsutism or “hairiness”. A vigorous, old timey two step shuffle to aid the mashing process while singing along at the top of your voice with the Soggy Bottom Boy’s “Man of Constant Sorrow” would be appropriate here (original song by one-eyed Kentuckian Dick Burnett!).

3. Add crushed ice (“crick” ice preferable when in season). Anything by Tennessee Williams crushed ice. Your crushed ice should reek of despair, binge drinking, and subtle innuendos about unmet marital needs. Do not be afraid to yell out “Stella” at random intervals to get you there.

4. Bourbon. Lots of it, and remember if you can’t set it on fire then it’s not worth discussing. Again barring your own still set-up, make sure to go for anything that people warn you might make you go blind. In terms of volume the recommended mix is four ounces of the mash to ¼ cup simple syrup, but these are essentially big government guidelines and to be met with suspicion and contempt. This would be a good time to put on “Copperhead Road” by Steve Earle at high volume to get your fire up. Think Revenuers, Junior Johnson, and ’49 Fords with blown out 500 cubic inch engines barrelling through “the hollers” in the dark of night- who the hell has the right to tell you what you can grow, err distil anyway??

5. Combine all the above and serve in antique Civil War era pewter mugs. If you happen to be all out of one hundred and fifty year old drinking vessels, then you may use those giant plastic mugs you got at Senor Frogs in Cabo- just make sure they are really chilled!

6. Et voila! The most authentic and best Mint Julep recipe ever. Drink a minimum of four prior to race time, all the while making outrageous claims to your guests about your athletic accomplishments in high school- ahh the glory days! (this step optional)

At this point your Kentucky Derby party will have been a hit, and absolutely unlike anything anyone has ever witnessed before. Assuming friends, family and spouses are still talking to you afterwards, you will no doubt be asked to host your equine soiree again next year. If however everyone has left never to return, we recommend putting on Bill Monroe’s bluegrass classic, “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, while mixing another Mint Julep- it can only make you feel better!

I will share it here..along with some photos of delicious tasting mint julips!

Compliments of





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Kentucky Derby Day is Tomorrow!

By Shannon Biszantz on May 4, 2012
in In My Opinion Only, The Life of A Realtor

Old Trieste’s Run for the Roses in 1998Old Trieste being walked in the barn prior to Derby.

I don’t know about you but my Friday is consumed with the right recipe for Mint Julips, what hat I am wearing

 in celebration and watching all the excitement of the best athletes in the world coming down the finish line!
 Our family has a history at The Derby with having a horse “Olde Trieste” participate in 1998.

Old Trieste being walked in the barn prior to Derby.

Old Triest from Cobra Farms Ran For The Roses in 1998

Cobra Farm is located in Lexington Kentucky.Driving into the Property of Cobra Farm.

Driving up to the main home at Cobra Farm in Lexington.

The horses at Cobra Farm enjoying their time.

Betty Biszantz with an unwavering eye picking the next winner!





Biszantz Family Girls and friends enjoying Derby Day!

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