Cheap Summer DIY Projects

Cheap DIY Projects for this Summer

Summer DIY Projects that you and your kids can enjoy.

The best time of the year to do a lot of repainting, fixing and upgrading. Skies the limit if you will be just creative. Summer project doesn’t always have to be fixing things. You can do some crafts, arts, or just about anything!  Something that adults and kids would love! Plus, This is the best time of the year to spend some quality time outside. Appreciate the trees, the flowers, and the bees or butterflies. Get that natural tan that you always want, but don’t forget your sunblock. Let’s have your backyard ready for some summer fun with these Summer DIY projects!

1. DIY Summer Drinks

Summer DIY drinks
Summer DIY drinks

I know this is not exactly what you wanted to see for number 1 for a summer DIY project. Come on! You’ll need an effort to make your juice right? But the point is, if you will be working alone or with your kids outside, it will be nice to have snacks and cold juice waiting by the shade. We do not want anyone getting dehydrated. Plus, these containers will absolutely look good for a lemonade stand. Click here for DIY yummy organic juice recipes.

2.  DIY Backyard Cinema

Summer DIY: Backyard Cinema

This is something a DIY project that kids will absolutely enjoy! Have your cushions ready, whip some popcorn, chip’s, and drinks.Watching their favorite movies under the stars, comfortable and feeling the night breeze.Also, don’t forget your OFF! lotion. After watching, you can do some stargazing. Click here for DIY tutorial.

3. DIY Glow in the dark Pots

DIY Glow in the dark pots
DIY Glow in the dark pot

I like everything that glows! This DIY project is just to add that extra something in your backyard. Have your kids help you plant a flower in the pot and wait for night time to see your pot glow! You can also do a DIY glow in the dark rocks to light your path without using electricity. Click here for the DIY tutorial.

4. DIY Day Bed

diy day bed
DIY day bed

Having an afternoon nap at your backyard can be relaxing and have a healing effect. Imagine breathing only the fresh air while you sleep! Check around the house, in your garage or storage area and turn it to a day bed. I even saw a day bed using 4 old chairs and it’s gorgeous! Click here for DIY tutorial.

5. Lawn Twister

DIY Lawn Twister

Playing twister by the grass can be the most wonderful feeling ever! Bare feet touching the grass, rolling and rough playing by the grass during summer is the fun part of all. With this DIY, you don’t really have to worry slipping while you play twister. I believe this is one of the safe places you can play this game. Click here for the DIY tutorial.

For kids, summer is all about fun, making memories and experience. Have them help you with some projects, big or small they will absolutely appreciate it. Get them involve with this DIY projects.

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