Is a day off really a day off in a realtor’s life?

Usually after a weekend of long open houses I try to take off Monday or Tuesday. Unfortunately that is when everyone else is starting their week and wants to talk. The question is …to take a day off..does a realtor turn off their phone and not answer it on their day off? What is someone calls to see my larger listings last minute? I had that happen with Pat Burrel looking at one of my listings. His agent called me and said he decided last minute to fly over to San Diego to take a look at my listing in Del Mar…do I tell her I am practicing not answering my phone on my supposed day off so no showings today? Of course not…so I call them “mini days off” where I am doing personal things…but keeping an eye on the phone just in case.

On my day off I usually have to go to the “groomer.” However, it is getting sandals weather again so need to make sure my toes and nails are in viewing standards.

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