Top Rated Schools in Encinitas

Top Rated Schools in Encinitas

Every parent wants the best for their children. Especially when it comes to education. That is why it is important to choose a school that can nurture and develop not only a child’s intelligence but also their emotional quotient. In Encinitas, we have these top-rated schools to help your children become the best they can be.

Flora Vista Elementary School

  • 1690 Wandering RoadEncinitasCA 92024

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We love our neighborhood school. There is such a great sense of community and the teachers are always going above and beyond!

Submitted by a parent · January 10, 2015

We love Flora Vista! My three children are receiving a great education from the dedicated and loving staff. The parents and PTA work tirelessly to ensure a high level of support. We feel very lucky to be in this sweet, little school!

Submitted by a parent · January 03, 2013

El Camino Creek Elementary School 

  • 7885 Paseo AlisoCarlsbad CA 92009

El Camino Creek is a wonderful place for growing, learning, and exploring. My children have had excellent teachers. The entire staff and principal are dynamic, engaged, and invested in making ECC the wonderful place it is. The parents are involved and helpful.

Submitted by a parent · June 06, 2017

El Camino Creek has been an excellent school for our kids. Principal and parents are very involved. If I must say something that bothers me is that certain parents (those that are in the loop or former Vice Principals with kids attending the school) ALWAYS get the best teachers. This really is not fair. It is so obvious. Otherwise, very happy with the school.

Submitted by a parent · February 05, 2014

Oak Crest Middle School 

  • 675 Balour DriveEncinitasCA 92024

Image source: Oak Crest Middle School

Both of my kids went to Oak Crest and had wonderful experiences. They were challenged and yet felt very content and safe at that school. I’d recommend it to anyone with middle school aged children. We couldn’t be happier with Oak Crest.

Submitted by a parent · July 10, 2015

My two children have been through Oak Crest and we could not be happier with our experience there. The principal, counselors and teachers have been just terrific. When we have had issues, the staff has been incredibly responsive and they have provided an excellent, safe environment for learning and social development for our kids. They both loved their time spent at OC.

Submitted by a parent · January 06, 2010

Diegueno Middle School as one of the Top Rated Schools in Encinitas

  • 800 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024

Very pleased with the school. The staff is very welcoming. Excellent communication between parents & staff. As far as academics it’s too early to say, we just moved to the district.

Submitted by a parent · October 28, 2012

This school is welcoming, and the staff is caring. Our family moved here from another state, and my daughter started mid year. After only a few days, she made a nice group of friends and is very happy at this school. She is also doing well academically and the teachers are understanding and supportive concerning any gaps in instruction between her previous school and this one.

Submitted by a parent · May 14, 2010

San Dieguito High Academy as Top Rated Schools in Encinitas

  • 800 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024

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We are delighted with the school. My son made friends right away, even though he was coming from a private school and knew nobody. The program is rigorous, they have a great selection of foreign language classes at high levels, plenty of honor classes and we are very happy with the teachers and the incredibly friendly administration.

Submitted by a parent · February 07, 2014

LOVE the quarter system and clubs. Great Teachers and Parent Involvement …. fosters students motivation and nurtures leadership skills

Submitted by a parent · January 18, 2014

I absolutly love this school! What first attracted me to this school was the friendly atmosphere, and I can honestly say that my first expectation has been lived up to. I have always been a bit of the “odd-man-out” in all of my school experiances but at SDA I always feel like I am accepted and welcomed. I have yet to meet one person that has been judgemental here. On my first day i was surprised to see that everyone of the returning students would not hesitate to show you where any of your classes where and most even carried maps of the school! I am so glad that I came to SDA!

Submitted by a student · December 15, 2012


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