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Beautiful home by the beach coming on the market soon!

Exclusive listing not yet on the market! Condo by the beach, 1,425 square foot, 2 bedroom unit, a loft, super high ceiling with abundant light.

Condo by the beach, 1,425 square foot, 2 bedroom unit, a loft, super high ceiling with abundant light.

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Solana Beach, a thriving city that is steadily growing through the years. It has a number of business and lifestyle-related services that keep things safe and secure for both residents and visitors. Located approximately 30 minutes from downtown San Diego, this diverse community offers high-quality schools, family-friendly neighborhood, and pristine atmosphere. The weather is always nice in San Diego, particularly in Solana Beach, with an average 62 degrees in the wintertime and 77 degrees in the summertime.

Basically, if you like the beach lifestyle, stunning views of the panoramic ocean, don’t forget that sunset, plus an awesome shopping experience, great golf courses, and the food are heavenly, of course. Then you must be in Solana Beach! If not, well you can be! Check out this exclusive listing that is not yet on the market! Coveted Solana Beach Triple Crown 1,425 square foot 2 bedroom unit with a loft.” Only 6 of them in 4 years have been available for sale. They don’t last long.. average time on the market for these beachside condos is 4 days!

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One property I sold and regret tremendously that I sold (in my life)  is my condo in Triple Crown. I bought my Triple Crown unit at a time when I wanted to live at the beach, see sunsets every night,  walk to all my favorite restaurants, the racetrack, the Del Mar Fair. A unit came available and it was the perfect timing for me.

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The three years that I lived there gave me the “beach lifestyle” that I had wanted to experience. In the early summer, I bought a Fair Pass and could walk right across the street for live entertainment, dining (yes I am a foodie at heart) at Chuck Wagon, Roxy’s and all my favorite food trucks. On the weekends, I do my normal 5-mile walk, I would walk straight to the beach, 2 miles on the sand to Del Mar’s 15th street to visit friends or dine at The Plaza… then I would walk home, 2.5 miles each way… great exercise and a great afternoon! On the weekends the pool is the center of activity and super clean. Neighbors gather all weekend and it is a community feel like no other condo complex.

The lucky buyer of this home will be able to walk to ALL my favorite restaurants, Red Tractons, Fish Market, Pamplemousse and Brigantine, Tony’s and Fidel’s. Triple Crown Management takes such great care of their pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and parking facilities that it truly is like a vacation living at the beach! This unit I am listing is an upper level with soaring ceilings, two bedrooms, and a loft. It is the most coveted of the floor plans, largest and in one of the best locations.  It has one car garage along with the ownership.

538 Via De La Valle #A, Solana Beach California 92075


Listing this beach condo has taken me down such a great “memory lane”… I suggest you call if you’re interested before I buy it myself!

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Buying In San Diego: It’s a Jungle Out There!

My favorite success story Success story of Home Buyer’s in San Diego

Patti and Andrew Peach changed my life…and hopefully, I changed theirs.

The Peach’s have been my friends and have seen the results of my work for years and knew the care and mindfulness that I use with all of my family of clients. When they asked me to help them find their very first home, I was so flattered and excited that I could be of service.

As great a compliment as it was, this was going to be a challenge.  The Peach’s price point was right above the median in San Diego.  Simply meaning, there are a lot more buyers than there are homes for sale in that price range!

Before our hunt started, we discussed what to expect on this journey to find their perfect home.  It was important they understood that when a home comes on the market at this price point….sellers get 10-20 offers within 24 hours.

 If we prepared correctly and were ready to move fast, we could have the upper edge over the “sea of buyers” trying to find a home they could afford in North San DiegoCounty.  They had some work ahead of them:

  • Every morning, they needed to check their email for the new listings from the day before I sent to them by 6 am and give me their feedback.
  • They had to bwilling to arrange  their schedules to move at a moment’s notice when a new listing appears arrived.  I was constantly monitoring everything getting listed.
  •  They needed to get a Pre-qualifying letter and draft a“love letter” to the sellers explaining who Patti, Andrew, Reagen, and Sierra are and how much they would love the opportunity to own the seller’s home.

Our journey lasted several months, there were lots of offers, counter offers,multiple offers,  countless homes.The effort was intense and full of exciting moments, apprehensive moments, disappointing moments, and trudging in the ravages of El Nino weather! The toughest challenge was trying to get to the homes first.   At this price level, there are so many buyers with offers that far exceeded the advertised list price.

Months went by but Patti and Andrew were real troopers when most would have just given up and continued to rent.



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Things to consider before Buying an Investment Property

Factor’s to Consider before buying a property for investment


Owning a property is not always easy, let alone paying, maintaining, and other associated headache that you have with your first property will be doubled. However, real estate is one of the best investment that you can possibly have as long as you have planned and saved more than enough what is needed to pay for before purchasing the property.

It’s spring time and some of you might be thinking of buying a second property. I found this article in to help you decide or to guide you in purchasing your investment property.

8 Things to Consider When Buying Investment Property

By David Schepp |

Whether you’re considering purchasing a multi-unit complex for immediate rental, buying a home now with the idea of selling it a few years or profiting from the purchase of a fixer-upper that can be resold at a much higher price, here’s what to look for when considering real estate as an investment:

  • Plan on a big down payment. Mortgage insurance isn’t available for investment properties, so a 20 percent down payment is required to get traditional financing. And putting even more down can result in a better rate. Also, loan costs are generally higher for investment properties.
  • Enjoy being handy and fixing things. Opting for the landlord route brings with it lots of challenges, including making repairs. Be sure to have enough savings on hand to handle any unexpected repairs in the short term – before the rent checks start rolling in.
  • Income varies. Tenants come and go, and it may take a while to rent out a just-vacated unit – especially if it needs substantial repairs or rehabbing, reducing your income. But you’ll still have to pay the bills, including mortgage, property taxes and insurance.
  • Property taxes. Depending on the type of rental property purchased and how long it is kept, investors could discover a big increase in property taxes, if a homestead exemption had been in place for the previous owners.
  • Beware of fixer-uppers. If you’re new to investing in real estate, beware of taking on a bigger challenge than you can handle. Unless you have the skills for large-scale improvement – or know someone who does quality work at bargain prices – you’ll likely pay too much to rehabilitate the property and still make a profit on its sale. A better option is to look for properties that need modest repairs that are priced at below-market rates.
  • Start small. While repairs present a challenge, so can buying a larger property than you’re ready to handle. Starting small – purchasing a single apartment, condo or duplex, for example – can help you get grounded in the idea of investing in real estate and decide whether it’s really the right step for you.


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selling strategies

Selling Strategies To Get You The Most Money For Your Home.

Useful Selling strategies and Tips for Sellers to get the MOST money and multiple offers.

The Biszantz Connection Tips for getting the most money and multiple offers for your listed home.

How to sell your home fast with multiple offers? Listen to this!

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Biszantz Connection

How Buyers Gain A Huge Advantage Using The Biszantz Connection.

How we can help you Buy a property in San Diego

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For San Diego real estate inquiries or concerns, you may reach Shannon at 619-417-4655 or email:

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