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Whispering Palms Expert

 16032 Avenida Calma was the highest price golf course frontage sold in 2015 in Whispering Palms.

It was the highest price golf course frontage that sold in 2015.

Sell your home for the HIGHEST price in the SHORTEST amount of market time.

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Get the most out of   your home with an EXPERT!

Whispering Palms Expert

Shannon Biszantz THE Listing EXPERT of Whispering Palms!

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10 Reasons why you need a Trusted Real Estate Agent

10 Things your Trusted Realtor Can Do for you

10 things to expect from you Trusted Real estate Agent.

Real Estate Agents Play a big role in the Buying and Selling process. They make sure that the transaction run’s smoothly, all the requirements met and legalities are covered or sent on time. Most importantly they should help and guide you all through the process of buying or selling. That’s why you need someone you can trust in the real estate world.

We all know that buying or selling a home can be stressful. I mean, just thinking about you selling your home or buying a property can put a lot of stress on your end and what more if you are already in the process, right?! It’s exciting, nerve-wracking and emotional for some, but for other’ it can be the fresh start in life.

Hiring a realtor will help you lighten all the burden, take care of potential and possible legalities that you may encounter in the future. Also, you need someone who can give you all the advice that you can get when you are buying or selling a home and to make sure that someone you trust is negotiating in your behalf and while keeping in mind that it’s for your best interest.

With that being said, we have listed 10 Reasons why you need a trusted real estate agent and divided it to Buyer’s and Seller’s Agent. We have included a checklist to guide you in selecting your Real Estate Agent. You can even use this as your checklist when hiring a realtor.

As your Buyer’s Agent:

1. Lead you through the Buying Process.

Buying a home for the first time or not can be scary and you need someone to guide you with all the process and updated with all the trends in the real estate market. It is always best to work with a professional who can help and guide you with all the process. You need an agent where your buying experience is something pleasurable and not something that will leave a scar.


2. Help you find homes that meet your criteria and standards.

Buying a home is a process of elimination and not selection. You need someone who is knowledgeable about the local area and understands what you need in a home. Someone who knows all the twists and turns in that area to find you the perfect home that will meet those criteria.


3. Someone who can connect you to a reputable financial professional.

Your real estate agent should have a trusted financial professionals. He or she should put you in contact with reputable lender and mortgage brokers who can help you set your budget and consult you on your financing options.


4. Advise you on Potential Property Issues.

Home inspections can give you an insight of the property and any potential problems in the future. Your trusted real estate agent should have a trusted inspector and can walk you through the results, explain any potential problems with the property in the future.


5. Negotiate a great deal for the home.

Closing can be really stressful and you need someone who can effectively do the negotiation for you. That’s where your real estate agent comes in and do the negotiation in your behalf and finally close the deal and get the keys to your future home!




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 Mayacama, A Secluded Golfers Paradise Nestled in The Soft Rolling Hills of Sonoma.

Golf by day, wine by night at this uber exclusive resort Mayacama in Sonoma.



Perhaps some of the most pristine 675 acres of soft rolling hillside only an hours drive of San Francisco, crisscrossed by streams and rivers, marshes, soft wavy grasses, gnarled ancient oaks and an abundant of wildlife can be found at an exquisite destination resort called Mayacama. Here life revolves around an expansive Mediterranean inspired clubhouse where alfresco lifestyle overlooks a Jack Nicklaus masterpiece of a golf course.  Once inside the excusive gates of Mayacama Country Club,  life is abundant and extraordinary. As one ascends the long drive to the club and residences, the trappings of everyday life slip away. Hiking, swimming, golf, tennis, bird watching, wine tours are all part of life here.

Mayacama Country Club

Mayacama Country Club

The opportunities at Mayacama range from golf membership, full residential ownership to fractional ownership for ease of lifestyle at one of their course side casitas. Whatever your choice is, the family at Mayacama provides exceptional service from the moment one steps off the plane in Sonoma. Whatever your passion is from picturesque golf to breathtaking hiking, you will find it here, in the heart of Sonoma.  We took a private tour of the facilities for our clients to evaluate the benefits of membership and potential ownership in this wine region. Mayacama is Partnered with Timbers Resort Company which allows members enjoyment of any of their collection of fine properties including Rancho Valencia Resort. Feel Free to call The Biszantz Connection at 619-419-4655 to hear about the various forms of membership to this exclusive golf resort.

Many thanks to my fellow colleague Coldwell Banker Previews Realtor Mary Anne VeldKamp in Sonoma for arranging this private tour for Coldwell Banker Luxury Realtors to preview this country club as well as a few private estates that will be coming soon on this blog!

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Lakeside Country Club in Houston Texas, A Remarkable Golf Course In Houston Texas.

Lakeside Country Club, a Country Club by invitation only in Houston  Texas.

Lakeside Country Club in Houston Texas was founded in 1951 and membership is by invitation only.

Lakeside Country Club in Houston Texas was founded in 1951 and membership is by invitation only.

My recent driving trip on my way home from Alabama included a very special stop in Houston Texas. A good friend (I’d like to say now since I was invited to play his private country club) and client invited me to join his family and play golf at their Country Club Lakeside at 100 Wilcrest Drive in Houston Texas. I was really in for a treat as I did not have time to study up on this very “old world” exclusive course in the center of the city. Lakeside Country Club was founded in 1951 as a private club. The club has approximately 209 acres of golf designed by renowned golf architect Ralph Plummer in 1952 and then updated by golf architect Ron Prichard in 1990.

Lakeside Country Club  has a colorful history dating back to 1861 when the State of Texas deeded this acreage and approximately 1,500 more to Christiana Williams for the sum of $2,000! Since then, the acreage has been subdivided, sold to others and around 1934 the clubhouse (which was the original mansion on the estate) was built. In 1946, the property was sold to Ralph Rupley, who became a charter member of the club.  The charter of Lakeside Country Club was signed in November of 1951.  Since then, horse stables, a bath house, swimming pool and a driving range has been added to create a family atmosphere.

I felt I played a round of golf on a piece of American History. Luckily I had a good round!

Shannon Biszantz



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15960 Via Broma in Whispering Palms  Is An Enchanting Home That Will Be “Unveiled” Next Week With a Catered Party.

This Via Broma Home can be viewed at WWW.ViaBroma.Com before the party.

15960 Via Broma's Interior Has An Impressive Spanish Revival Architecture Feel

15960 Via Broma’s Interior Has An Impressive Spanish Revival Architecture Feel

Via Broma is one of the nicest single story homes I have seen in Whispering Palms for all the years I have owned and lived here. Spanish influences abound here with a revival aspect reflected in the beautiful arches throughout the home. 3 bedrooms and an office on one side offers privacy while the other side of the home is dedicated to entertaining with a casual family room, formal dining room, kitchen, Patio Room and a Garden that rivals all Gardens I have ever seen in Whispering Palms. This elegant home sits on 1/4 acre of flat property.

15960 Via Broma in Whispering Palms is a special home for relaxing or entertaining

15960 Via Broma in Whispering Palms is a special home for relaxing or entertaining.

The Biszantz Connection is having an “unveiling” party from 4-7pm so Realtors and buyers can see the special qualities this home has at night for formal or informal entertaining. If you would like an invitation and or interested in seeing the home, please call The Biszantz Connection Office at 858-755-0075.

15960 Via Broma in Whispering Palms is a special home for relaxing or entertaining

15960 Via Broma in Whispering Palms is a special home for relaxing or entertaining.

15960 Via Broma’s Curb Appeal Day Or Night is Enchanting.




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