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10 Reasons why you need a Trusted Real Estate Agent

10 Things your Trusted Realtor Can Do for you

10 things to expect from you Trusted Real estate Agent.

Real Estate Agents Play a big role in the Buying and Selling process. They make sure that the transaction run’s smoothly, all the requirements met and legalities are covered or sent on time. Most importantly they should help and guide you all through the process of buying or selling. That’s why you need someone you can trust in the real estate world.

We all know that buying or selling a home can be stressful. I mean, just thinking about you selling your home or buying a property can put a lot of stress on your end and what more if you are already in the process, right?! It’s exciting, nerve-wracking and emotional for some, but for other’ it can be the fresh start in life.

Hiring a realtor will help you lighten all the burden, take care of potential and possible legalities that you may encounter in the future. Also, you need someone who can give you all the advice that you can get when you are buying or selling a home and to make sure that someone you trust is negotiating in your behalf and while keeping in mind that it’s for your best interest.

With that being said, we have listed 10 Reasons why you need a trusted real estate agent and divided it to Buyer’s and Seller’s Agent. We have included a checklist to guide you in selecting your Real Estate Agent. You can even use this as your checklist when hiring a realtor.

As your Buyer’s Agent:

1. Lead you through the Buying Process.

Buying a home for the first time or not can be scary and you need someone to guide you with all the process and updated with all the trends in the real estate market. It is always best to work with a professional who can help and guide you with all the process. You need an agent where your buying experience is something pleasurable and not something that will leave a scar.


2. Help you find homes that meet your criteria and standards.

Buying a home is a process of elimination and not selection. You need someone who is knowledgeable about the local area and understands what you need in a home. Someone who knows all the twists and turns in that area to find you the perfect home that will meet those criteria.


3. Someone who can connect you to a reputable financial professional.

Your real estate agent should have a trusted financial professionals. He or she should put you in contact with reputable lender and mortgage brokers who can help you set your budget and consult you on your financing options.


4. Advise you on Potential Property Issues.

Home inspections can give you an insight of the property and any potential problems in the future. Your trusted real estate agent should have a trusted inspector and can walk you through the results, explain any potential problems with the property in the future.


5. Negotiate a great deal for the home.

Closing can be really stressful and you need someone who can effectively do the negotiation for you. That’s where your real estate agent comes in and do the negotiation in your behalf and finally close the deal and get the keys to your future home!




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Golf Course Frontage In Whispering Palms On The Market For $1,549,000.

Avenida Feliz in Rancho Santa Fe Has a New Listing in Whispering Palms.

Whispering Palms Home With Golf Course Frontage For Sale for $1,549,000.

Whispering Palms Home With Golf Course Frontage For Sale for $1,549,000.

There is a new single story home that just went on the golf course at Morgan Run in Whispering Palms. It is at the corner of Via De Las Palmas and Avenida Feliz. The owners did a very nice job remodeling it a few years back. The ideal location, facing south, one story, three bedrooms and three baths with 1,790 square feet of living space makes this a perfect fit for some families.

Whispering Palms is in the San Dieguito School Distric. With the new School re-districting, Whispering Palms children can go now to Solana Santa Fe which is a well renouned school with small class room sizes.

From this home on Avenida Feliz, you can walk to the Country Club, Dine, Enjoy the world class spa, excercise, swim in their new pool and really enjoy the country club lifestyle!

For a private showing, feel free to call me, Shannon Biszantz at The Biszantz Connection at 619-417-4655 for a showing!



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Rancho Santa Fe Home in Whispering Palms Sells in Multiple Offers in 2 Days!

Biszantz Connection Marketing Is Effective Once Again Selling A Home in Record Time at Top Price .

16017 Avenida Calma Home Sold in 2 Days at a Great Price Due to Great Marketing by The Biszantz Connection.

16017 Avenida Calma Home Sold in 2 Days at a Great Price Avenida Calma 35Due to Great Marketing by The Biszantz Connection.

Once again, with professional photographs, state of the art marketing and international internet marketing, Biszantz Connection sold this home in Whispering Palms in two days. This is the highest price we have gotten on Avenida Calma on the “non golf course frontage side” this year.  Part of the reason is that when we market a home, my team and I do not cut any corners. We take the time to correctly stage a home to show off its best features. Once we have the professional photographs, we can start to work on a custom video that we create to show off the home. Our videos get uploaded to YouTube but then to over 500 other websites through a company I use to over 500 websites.

Home Sold For Highest Price on Avenida Calma in 2013.

Home Sold For Highest Price on Avenida Calma in 2013.

If you are looking to get your home sold in record time at top price, call me for a free evaluation and private consultationon the value of your home.

Shannon Biszantz

The Biszantz Connection





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 Whispering Palms Update  Home on Avenida Calma Just Listed for $989,000.

The Biszantz Connection Just Listed This Four Bedroom Home in Whispering Palms With A Master Retreat Downstairs!

Captivating Foyer sets the stage for a grand entrance.

Avenida Calma Home I have listed for $989,000.

The old saying “be careful what you wish for because you may just get it” really applies here. We just listed this thoughtfully designed  home in Rancho Santa Fe at an amazing price of $989,000. Some of the things that make this home special are the large backyard with citrus trees, Master Bedroom Retreat downstairs, a kitchen that is as large as a Resteraunt kitchen just to name a few. When I first walked in to this home, the entrance just captivated me and I knew that would be “the shot” of all pictures that would catch my breath. With over 3,100 square feet of interior space, the exterior space and private gardens feel just as spacious. A formal living room, dining room, foyer, den, even a private sitting room make this home comfortable and elegant at the same time. Very easy to live in with only the master bedroom downstairs and the other three bedrooms upstairs is easy for a family, entertaining guests and everyone feels a sense of space. The fourth bedroom was not photographed because it is presently used for storage.This captivating home will go publicly on the Multiple Listing Service next week. If you would like a private showing, please do not hesitate to call for a showing. I will have this house open for Viewing  Friday through Sunday from 12:00-6:00 August 9th-11th.

To see a tour of this home click on this link:

This home could be yours!

16017 Avenida Calma was just listed by The Biszantz Connection for $989,000.

16017 Avenida Calma was just listed by The Biszantz Connection for $989,000.


For more pictures of this home at 16017 Avenida Calma here are some pictures from our gallery:







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Whispering Palms Real Estate Update in Rancho Santa Fe

Whispering Palms Real Estate Update By The Biszantz Connection

June has arrived and with it, some interesting real estate activity as well! Currently in Whispering Palms we have

7 homes pending  or in “contingent” status.  Contingent status means the home home has an offer on it, on the

“contingency” that the buyer sells their house.  The other reason a home might be in “contingent” status is that the

owners owe more on their loan than the market value of the house. In that case, the seller has an offer on the house at

a lower price than what is owed, and the seller is waiting for approval from the bank for the forgiveness of the difference

in debt from what is owed, and what the offer is.

To find out more about the homes in Escrow below, “hover your mouse” on each picture.

These homes below are currently for sale in Whispering Palms. Call Me 619-417-4655 for a showing! 

This Via Coronado Golf Course Frontage is for sale for $529,000.

This Via Coronado Golf Course Frontage is for sale for $529,000.

This Villas Unit is for sale as a short sale for $575,000.

This Villas Unit is for sale as a short sale for $575,000.

Alcala home for sale for $719,000.

Alcala home for sale for $719,000.

Alcala home currently for sale for $765,000

Alcala home currently for sale for $765,000

Active Alcala Listing on the market for $635,000.

Active Alcala Listing on the market for $635,000.


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Shannon Biszantz

Shannon Biszantz

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