Most Expensive Homes In The United States Currently For Sale.

10 Most Expensive Homes on The Market in  The United States Currently.

 $140 million      Undisclosed address, Greenwich, CT

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Perhaps one of the greatest signs that the real estate market is experiencing a strong recovery? Not one but four listings have entered the market with price tags higher than $100 million — one nearing the $150 million mark.

From a massive Connecticut estate to a prime spread in The Hamptons, here are the 10 priciest homes currently on the market in the United States.

When Copper Beech Farm first hit the market earlier this year at $190 million, it was far and away the most expensive listing, ever. Even with a recent price cut of $50 million, the estate is still the priciest home available in the U.S. The 50-acre estate holds a 13,519-square-foot home with 12 bedrooms and 9 baths on 4,000 feet of coveted waterfront facing Long Island Sound.

The home was built by the Lauder Greenway family (George Lauder was a partner in Carnegie Steel). It was sold 31 years ago to its current owner, John Rudey, who leads several timber companies.

$125 million 795 Fifth Avenue Phe & Phw, New York, NY

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While Connecticut holds the most expensive home for sale, New York has the greatest number of pricey homes, including this penthouse, which occupies the entire 41st, 42nd and 43rd floors of the Pierre Hotel to create a 16-bedroom residence. Whoever buys this home won’t need to scrape together a down payment: The entire amount will be due in full, as the Pierre Hotel reportedly doesn’t accept financing.

$115 million Undisclosed address, New York, NY

manhattan 115 mill b493ca 10 Most Expensive Homes on the Market in the US

When this condo was constructed, architect Charles Gwathmey wanted it to be “the most sophisticated, stunning and elegant apartment in New York City.” Whether he succeeded or not will be up to the future buyer, but the duplex is sleek and modern with 4 bedrooms and 5.5 baths in 9,000 square feet of living space.

$115 million Beverly House, Los Angeles, CA

beverly house 115 mill 858620 10 Most Expensive Homes on the Market in the US

Pick your price point for this listing: Drop $115 million to buy the home outright, or pony up $600,000 each month to rent the place. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, the Beverly House sits on 3.7 acres just a few blocks from Sunset Boulevard and like many high-end homes in L.A. has hosted a number of famous owners and guests. William Randolph Hearst spent the final years of his life here, and “The Godfather” was partially filmed on the premises, as was “The Bodyguard,” starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. Reportedly, even John and Jackie Kennedy spent their honeymoon at the residence.

$100 million Owlwood, Los Angeles, CA

A lot of current information about this residence is on lockdown, with photos and the price hidden behind a password wall on The Agency‘s site. Owlwood, like the Beverly House, has a rich history of celebrity owners and residents, beginning with 20th Century Fox co-founder Joe Schenck, (reportedly Marilyn Monroe stayed in the guesthouse during her rumored affair with Schenck), as well as Tony Curtis and Sonny and Cher.

The home today is one of the largest properties available in L.A., containing three parcels, including the lot that once held Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace and another lot previously owned by Esther Williams that still holds the swimming pool and pool house.

$95 million 781 5th Ave FL 18, New York, NY

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Back to Manhattan for the next priciest listing. This 15-room residence is located in the pre-war Sherry-Netherland building. The Sherry-Netherland began as a boutique hotel and was converted to luxury condos in the 1950s, although a few limited hotel suites are available starting as much as $1,200 a night. 

The full-floor offering, with Central Park views and hotel amenities, is part of the reason for the sky-high apartment price.

$90 million  Carolwood Estate, Los Angeles

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Like Owlwood, Carolwood is located in Holmby Hills on coveted North Carolwood Drive. The property once held Walt Disney’s home, but when the Walt Disney Foundation sold the home after Walt and Lily Disney passed away, it was determined that the house was a tear-down, due to asbestos concerns. The new owner began constructing a brand-new, custom-designed home that was finished in 2001. It measures 35,000 square feet and has 8 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. The house sits on 4 acres and includes a wealth of features, including a full wine cellar, pool and pool house, tennis court, putting green, custom movie room, 3 bars, library, gym and 2 safe rooms.



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