Enjoy this All about Wine Making Blog by Samantha Biszantz “CollectingCorks.com”

 Collecting Corks is an Entertaining Blog about everything to do with Winemaking!

Winemaking is an art and entertaining to learn about!

My Sister Samantha has a very interesting blog called “Collecting Corks” and here is a blurb about her latest entry:

“So here is a somewhat recent trend in the booming world of wine bars: DIY.  I’m still not sure how I feel about this phenomenon, but it’s arrived so here are my thoughts.  Part of what I enjoy about going to a wine bar is learning.  Most restaurants serve the varietals I’m very familiar with, whereas wine bars carry a much a wider selection so I always have questions.  Not to mention, the staff’s knowledge is focused on wine and wine only, so you can really delve deep into each producer, vintages, obscure regions, etc.  The self-service idea throws the personal touch and learning opportunity out the window.”

Collecting Corks Blog by Samantha Biszantz
Collecting Corks Blog by Samantha Biszantz

 Samantha’s Blog can be found at:  http://www.collectingcorks.com/

And you can sign up for her monthly information which is so interesting and informative!

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