Rancho Santa Fe Association Votes to Grant Condo Owner Rights To Owning A RSF Golf Course Membership.

All Rancho Santa Fe Covenant owners are able to own a membership at the prestigious RSF Country Club.

Rancho Santa Fe Historic Marker Designating The Boundry Lines OF The Covenant.
Rancho Santa Fe Historic Marker Designating The Boundry Lines OF The Covenant.

All Rancho Santa Fe home owners and condo owners alike will be able to own their own membership at the prestigious Rancho Santa Fe Country Club. Presently, one must own a detached home or stay at the famed Rancho Santa Fe Inn.

The Rancho Santa Fe Association voted 7-0 on April 17th in favor of granting condomininum owners RSF Golf Club  membership rights.

“We have a limited footprint of which to draw from and anything to increase that footprint will help with the membership.” Said Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Board President, Mike Philips. “It’s a matter of equity. This is a common sense solution  to something that been kind of a thorn in the side for folks for a long time.”

In other Golf Club news, the Association board approved changes to the club’s bylaws to increase the total number of junior executive memberships from 20 to 30. The membership category allows members under the age of 48 to spread out their enrollment fees in installments.

Castro said that in the two years since approving the membership category, they have recruited 18 junior executive members. After the members hit the age of 48, they become regular members of the club and a spot in the junior executive membership category opens up.

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Here are some photos of Rancho Santa Fe Country Club photos:

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For more information: please visit Rancho Santa Fe Review Newspaper.

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