The Ultimate Packing Guide to Pack like a PRO!

Pack like a PRO for a stress-free move to your new home.

Put your organizational skill to the test with The Ultimate Packing Guide

Moving to a new home would mean new environment, new neighbors, discovering the hottest places in your area, and let’s not forget, Packing your stuff. We all know that heightened emotions (i.e. excitement)  can make us a bit sloppy with packing our stuff, especially when we haven’t packed everything before the moving day.

If this is your first time moving from one home to another, then, you probably have a lot of unwanted stuff, mess, and clutter in that home. If that is the case, you will most likely bring those unwanted items in your new home and it’s mess and clutter all over again.

However, you can prevent all the moving mayhem and pack like a pro with The Ultimate Packing Guide by the Guardian Mortgage. 

1. Clean house first. 

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There’s no point in packing up items that you don’t really use or want, so take this time to do some spring cleaning. Go through your closet, your kids’ toy chests, and your cabinets, and gather all the items you’ve outgrown or no longer use. Donate them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, and save yourself a little packing hassle.

2. Start early. 

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You don’t have to wait until you’ve found a home to start packing. In fact, as soon as you really begin looking, you should start your packing rounds immediately. Begin with items you know you won’t be needing—like your Christmas decorations, your winter coats, and other seasonal items that you don’t have a use for at the moment. Then work yourself up to the more important stuff as you get closer to your move.

3. Go room by room. 

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Unpacking is a nightmare if you’ve been disorganized. Your movers won’t know where to place boxes, and you won’t know where to place items once you start unpacking those boxes. Reduce some of the headaches by going room to room when you pack. Use a Sharpie to label boxes with each room name—“kitchen,” “kids room,” “study,” etc.—and keep items together whenever possible.

4. Set aside important things. 


As much as you’d probably like to, you can’t pack everything. You’re going to need things between now and moving day, and you’ll probably need some items for the big move too (especially if it’s a long, cross-country drive). Set these must-have items aside in a duffel bag or backpack so they don’t get lost in the mix. If there are any items that are particularly fragile or important to you or your loved ones, set those aside too. You may want to bring those in the car with you rather than let movers handle them.

5. Take loads. 

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If it’s at all possible, consider taking a few loads to your new place as you pack them up. This will keep your home from getting cluttered with boxes, and it will help streamline your moving day.

6. Get the whole family involved. 


Your 5-year-old may not be able to bubblewrap your dishes or pack up your glass vase collection, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help out. Give everyone in your family a task they can handle, whether it’s sorting through old clothes, packing up toys, or even just labeling boxes and taping them up. The more hands on deck, the easier the entire process will be.

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