Why Hire A Realtor To Sell Your Home Verses Trying To Sell Yourself.

Why Hiring A Realtor is better than selling your home yourself.

The Values Of A Realtor Vs. Trying to sell it Yourself.

15960 Via Broma just went on the market in Whispering Palms.
15960 Via Broma just went on the market in Whispering Palms.

In an economy inching upward, this is the time I see a lot of “for sale by owner” signs on home owners front lawns. Last week I even had an owner call me to let me know that her home was for sale and if I had any clients for her home! Sellers are feeling that homes are “flying off the shelves” and they could save 5 0r 6% representing themselves.  This thought process could not be farther from the truth, and I found out trying to sell my own house!

1. Serious buyers  have REALTORS searching  the MLS (which has an instaneous feed to Realtors), and even have alerts on their phones when a home comes on the market in a clients desired neighborhood.  Serious buyers who are moving up, transferring in , changing jobs..etc..don’t have time to run around looking for yard signs of homes for sale. When they do, they usually call their Realtor to call the owner on their behalf.

2. No buyer wants to directly interact with a seller.  I have been in situations where my seller that I represent wants to be there when the buyer comes to take a look. That makes a buyer completely “tongue tied”, uncomfortable and unable to express themselves freely on the property about what they would need to change etc..

3. Buyers think if it is a “for sale by owner” the owner is saving money so the buyer can offer less.  While it is the exact opposite in the sellers mind, this miscommunication most often end up in disappointment on both ends.

4. Where is the marketing? In todays world buyers are come from all over the world and buyers are international. If you have a yard sign out, how is the buyer in Asia or Europe going to see it? And often in these situations, an international buyer is going to insist on buying through a brokerage house like Coldwell Banker or Remax simply for the liability reasons.

5. No one is there to protect or represent each parties interest.  Escrow companies simply follow the instructions on the contract that the buyer and seller negotiate. Escrow is  there to protect the contract, not the individuals.  It is not the escrow officers duty to report to one side that the other side of the transaction is not following the contract..that is the Realtors job. A good Realtor will follow daily the escrow process through the home inspection, termite inspection to loan monies wired into escrow to insure that the contract is being followed to the  “T” and their client is not getting lead down the wrong road.

6. Who is going to negotiate your fees once you are in escrow? After looking at hundreds of escrows, I know what a good price and a bad price is for Escrow Fees.  A seller or buyer that has not done this on a daily basis probably has no idea what is fair..and it is all negotiable.

This is “only my opinion” but I hope you enjoyed the perspective.

My Opinion Only
My Opinion Only

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