Woman  Home Buyers Are The Source In Emerging Countries.

Studies find Woman Home Buyers Drive the house-hunting process in most emerging markets worldwide.

Woman Are The Main House Purchasers In Emerging Countries.
Woman Are The Main House Purchasers In Emerging Countries.

Women  home buyers are the majority buyers in emerging countries including the Philippines, Bangladesh and Mexico are dispelling the myth that men drive the house-hunting process in these regions.

Lamudi’s research that shows the majority of homebuyers in these countries are women. The figures are based on an analysis of search behavior on the Lamudi website, which is active in 28 countries in the emerging markets.

The analysis reveals that more than 60 percent of homebuyers in Mexico are female, while the majority of house-hunters in the Philippines are women. In Bangladesh couples search for property together, but the final decision is most often made by the female.

Lamudi’s Global Co-Founder and Managing Director, Paul Philipp Hermann, said: “These findings dispel some of the stereotypes around who the typical buyer is in emerging markets, where men are often seen as dominating the house-hunting process. Women in these countries are becoming more active in choosing where their family settles down.”

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