It is Caravan day and I have a new listing! It is a fabulous town home in Morgan Run Country Club in Rancho Santa Fe. I am very excited about the listing as I feel it is priced right, clean, turnkey gorgeous and has a walk in closet that is the largest I have ever seen in a town home. And I am lucky because Tom and Pat are great clients and appreciate my efforts.

I really spoke up the property in front of 100 agents over a 2 day period. The last “realtor pitch session” was at Pasquale’s in Del Mar. It ended at 12:00pm, only giving me less than an hour to set up the party. I always say a caravan should be like a party…everyone should want to come. I served grilled chicken Cesar salad, grilled stead salad and I gave away gift certificates to Nordies. Listen to the video below of the agents who stopped by.

Here are some agents responses to the caravan at Via De Las Palmas a few weeks ago.

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