Homes Under $2 Million

 Homes Under $2 Million in The Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe

The Covenant Rancho Santa Fe Homes Under $2 Million.

Rancho Santa Fe’s,  Listed Homes Under $2 Million.

We have put together a list of Homes Under $2 Million in The Covenant, Rancho Santa Fe. We all know homes in this area doesn’t come often in the market and most often, the listing price is really expensive.

Rancho Santa Fe is known as “The Ranch″ by the locals, the home of The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course which was designed by Max Behr and original site for “clambakes” hosted by Bing Crosby back in the,1930’s.

It is known that Rancho Santa Fe is one of the communities with strict restrictions in terms of the architectural design of a house. This a great effort of the community to preserve and maintain the character of their community and its rare landscape features.

According to, Rancho Santa Fe is number 14th on their list of Top 20 Most Expensive Zip codes for 2015. The official Census Designated Place (CDP) is the Master Planned Community or also known as “The Covenant” of Rancho Santa Fe.

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