The second part of carvaning a home to all the realtors in the neighborhood is actually getting them to show up! Wednesday, April 1st was the day we chose to put Avenida Calma on Realtor Caravan day (which is every Wednesday). In the morning on Wednesday, every new listing is on caravan from Encinitas to Carmel Valley. There might be 30-60 houses being shown for the first time that day.

How do you get the most realtors to preview your house? IN THAT LIES THE KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL SALE!

I try to pick a theme for each home and market that theme. In this case the theme is around a “French Provencial Style Home” and Easter. So we had a “French style lunch and a Realtors Easter Egg Hunt.”

I wore the bunny ears for three days before caravan so all agents in the office would not forget my easter egg hunt coming up.

Below you can see me “Trying to entice agents to come see my house…on Avenida Calma.”

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