Do you know who lives in Morgan Run?
Meet Cristina Denning!
Christina is certainly one of the teenagers in our neighborhood to be proud of. With my real-estate business keeping me out of the house most of the day, I needed help getting my German Shepherd out to exercise .I met Christina through a reference from Sandi and Bill Mitchell for dog walking services, and what a great reference that was!
Christina started her “dog walking and care giving business” when she was in 5th grade after her own dog passed away. Since then, Christina has served over 30 different families in the neighborhood for pet sitting and exercise. She even has taken care of three legged cat, bilingual dogs and one cat with diabetes that required shots daily.
Most of her income goes directly to her college fund that she started years ago. Christina is aware college is expensive and wants to help her mom with expenses. Currently Christina is a senior at Torrey Pines and in the process of evaluating which colleges to apply to.
We wish you the best Christina and thank you for great service!

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