San Diego’s Calendar of Events for DECEMBER 2015

It’s 17 days before Christmas and I know, I promised you a monthly Calendar of Events. I may have been 1 week late for this post, but, it’s better to be late than never! Lol! Anyway, Christmas is my most (almost) favorite time of the year and of course, like any women, it’s because I love shopping!

But what made it my “almost” favorite time of the year is, shopping for others can be nerve-wracking and there is a huge possibility where you might find yourself over thinking everything. But, it’s always rewarding to see people smile and actually like what you got for them. After all, Christmas is one of those holidays where it’s better to give than to receive and not the other way around. I mean, it’s one of those times where we give back and let other’s feel loved, right?!

Anyway, Christmas is one of the Holidays where our electric/ utility bills shoot up! Just kidding, it’s the most wonderful, merry and bright time of the year, where all Christmas lights, our neighbor’s moving displays and all the walkways lit by Christmas lights. Like any other state in the U.S. San Diego came prepared for this month with a lot of activities and events that anyone can enjoy!

Tons of family friendly events awaits you all throughout this Month of December. Without further delay, here is San Diego’s Calendar of Events for DECEMBER 2015.



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