The Best Beaches in San Diego

Best Beaches in San Diego
Best Beaches in San Diego

The Best Beaches in San Diego

The Best Beaches in San Diego to spend your Summer

Best Beaches in San Diego offers you a warm weather, fine dining and a lot more!

What comes to your head when you hear San Diego California? Of course, the Best Beaches in San Diego! Imagine having access to the 70 miles coastline of that gorgeous view by the beach, appreciating the waves and getting that gorgeous tan while relaxing under the sun. One of the places where your furry babies can swim with you! How fun is that?! There are other things aside from swimming in the best beaches of San Diego. It varies by location and not all the best beaches in San Diego are for swimming. You just got to love the beaches here in San Diego! You can avoid the wave of people in one area, just by prioritizing the activity that you want. A coastline that far will give you access to a beach front property. They don’t come cheap, but I swear it’s all worth it! So here’s a list of the Best beaches here in San Diego and the activities that you can enjoy as well.

1. Del Mar Beach

Best Beaches in San Diego
Del Mar – Best Beach in San Diego

Del Mar  has retained their status as one of the dog-friendly city since, 1959. It only makes sense that Del Mar is one of the dog-friendly beaches in the city. Also, the main reason why it’s on my number 1 list of the Best Beaches in San Diego. Your furry babies are allowed in the entire 2-mile stretch of the beach! The “Dog Beach” as pet parents call it, is located north of 29th Street and stretches nearly one half mile to our border with Solana Beach. But, Del Mar is not just known for being a dog-friendly city, the famous Del Mar Race Track and Del Mar Fairgrounds in located nearby. Every start of the summer Del Mar race track schedules a lot of fun activities, they recently started the season with their annual Hat contest. Click here, for the list of events.


  • Good surfing conditions at most Del Mar Beaches.
  • Swimming is good in certain spots, like River Mouth and 15th street.
  • Jogging and bicycling along the coast, south of 15th Street.
  • Volleyball at River Mouth.
  • Sunbathing at beaches around 17th street.

2. Mission Bay Beach

Best Beaches in San Diego
Mission Bay – Best Beaches in San Diego

Mission Bay is known as San Diego’s Water Land Park. It’s the largest and one of a kind water park in the world! Mission Bay is one of the best beaches in San Diego. It’s 27-mile of sandy shoreline is comprised of 4,200 acres of almost equal parts of land and water. There are tons of things that you can do in Mission Bay.  This one of a kind makes it the second in my list of the best beaches in San Diego.


  • Surfing, boogie boarding, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding.
  • Jet skiing, jet boating, water-powered jetpacking, wave running, water skiing, and sailing.
  • Biking, skateboarding, skating  and jogging.

3.  Imperial Beach

Best Beaches in San Diego
Imperial Beach – Best Beaches in San Diego

Imperial Beach is one of my best pick for The Best Beaches in San Diego. Imperial Beach is the site of the Annual U.S. Open Sand Castle Building Contest, every month of July. You will find all sorts of sand castle theme here, interesting to the most amazing sand castle you’ve ever seen in your entire life. They also offer guided nature hikes and National Wildlife Refuge to bird-watching enthusiasts.


  • Surfing, body boarding and swimming ( along the residential strip line).
  • Bird watching at National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Biking from Imperial Beach to Coronado.

4. Carlsbad Beach

Best Beaches in San Diego
Carlsbad beach – Best Beaches in San Diego

Carlsbad’s beach is one of San Diego’s best kept secrets. It’s like a private beach for the locals here. One of my Favorite in my list of the best beaches in San Diego. The north half of the Carlsbad coast is composed of a series of small beaches divided by sea walls. The cliffs here are relatively low and they have a well-designed walkways. Reservations for the campground must be made well in advance and always use the stairways and marked trails. Click here, for more information.


  • Carlsbad lagoon is an easy place to learn how to kayak within a protected area.
  • Walking and biking
  • Dining and Shopping in Carlsbad town.

5. La Jolla Beach

 Best Beaches in San Diego
La Jolla Beach- Best Beaches in San Diego

One of the Best Beaches in San Diego and also known as “The Jewel” of San Diego is La Jolla Beaches. La Jolla offers only the best for fine dining, high-end shopping, and luxurious Homes. The beaches in La Jolla is “The Jewel” of this place the rocky reefs, golden sand coves and available for visitors and locals for free. Like what they say, the best things in life are for free! Alcohol is banned from all beaches within the state park.


La Jolla Shores – Swimming, surfing and safe for family with kids. Also used as a launching ground for scuba diving and kayaking.

La Jolla Cove – Snorkeling ( Fishing is banned in this area.)


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