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Dick Clark’s “Flintstone House” Sells In Malibu After 3 Years on Market.

Dick Clark’s Malibu Retreat sold for $1,777,777 after being listed in 2012.

Dick Clark's "Flinstone House" Sells In Malibu After 3 Years on Market.

Dick Clark’s “Flinstone House” Sells In Malibu After 3 Years on Market.

After 3 years of being on the market, the famous home of the late Dick Clark nicknamed “The Flintstone House” is finally sold for $1,777,777 which is roughly half of what the home originally listed for in 2012 ($3.5 mil).

This home was  a “getaway home” that Dick Clark and his wife built in the 1980’s. The property is 23 acres amid protected land and trails in the Santa Monica Mountains Promontory.  “I came up with the idea that if the house looked like a rock formation, the park conservancy would let us build on top,” architect Phillip Jon Brown told CNNMoney.

The only way you can reach the property is by a three mile drive along a canyon road. The seclusion and feeling of isolation was immense. The unbelievable view that is 360 degrees, including the Pacific Ocean, Boney and Santa Monica Mountains is the ball dropping feature of this rock era enclave. The property is specifically designated for equestrian use which gives it even a more “one with nature” feel to it.

The iconic television personality, who died in 2012 at 82, hosted American Bandstand for more than three decades starting in the 1950’s as well as other game shows.

Clark and his wife Kari were married at 7pm on July 7th, 1977 on 7/7/77 in a ceremony that was rumored to last 17 minutes and had only 7 guests. He is also said to have a post office box numbered 7777.

Dick Clark's "Barney Rubble" Home In Malibu Sells After 3 Years.

Dick Clark’s “Barney Rubble” Home In Malibu Sells After 3 Years.


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Darren Sproles Listed his Santaluz Estate for $2.78 mil.

Darren Sproles, ex Charger Player sells his San Diego home.

Darren Sproles Liste His Home In SantaLuz For Sale

Darren Sproles Liste His Home In SantaLuz For Sale

Former Chargers running back Darren Sproles has listed his Santaluz estate for $2.78 million. Sproles, who played for San Diego from 2005 to 2010, bought the 5,957 square-foot home in 2012 for $2.5 million. The property, listed Friday, has four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a game room, pool, outdoor kitchen and courtyard with a fireplace. Sproles now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, but he keeps his permanent home in San Diego. Sproles and his wife Michel figured the regular season would be a good time to try to sell the 1.56 acre property. “It’s their primary residence abd their main concern is just to get something out of it and move on to the next thing and just make sure …

When he played for the Chargers, Sproles lived in a 5,600-square-foot home in the StoneBridge community of Scripps Ranch. He bought the property the property in Santaluz while he played for the New Orleans Saints.

Earlier this year, the Saints traded Sproles to the Eagles. Soon after, Sproles listed his Metairie, La., home for $650,000, which he bought for $595,000 in September 2011, the Los Angeles Times reported


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J.D. Salinger’s Home For Sale in New Hampshire for $679,000.

J.D. Salinger, write of “Catcher In The Rye” Estate lists his former house for sale.

Legendary writer J.D. Salinger's home on Cornish Drive in New Hampshire on Market for $679,000.

Legendary writer J.D. Salinger’s home on Cornish Drive in New Hampshire on Market for $679,000.

The former New Hampshire home of J.D. Salinger is for sale, and the secluded retreat on 12 acres is well-suited to the famously reclusive author, who died in 2010.

The “Catcher in the Rye” writer lived in the 2,900-square-foot home after separating from his first wife in the 1950s, according to the listing and an Associated Press report. The home at 342 Lang Rd in Cornish is listed for $679,000.

Salinger lived in New York City when “The Catcher in the Rye” was published, and his first short stories appeared in The New Yorker. He moved to Cornish in 1953 and eventually died there, although not in this home.

The cozy house has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, with a brick fireplace and a separate apartment above the garage. The private grounds are green and wooded, with gardens and groomed trails.

Salinger was raised in Manhattan and began writing short stories while in secondary school. Several were published in Story magazine[1] in the early 1940s before he began serving in World War II. In 1948, his critically acclaimed story “A Perfect Day for Bananafish” appeared in The New Yorker magazine, which became home to much of his later work. In 1951, his novel The Catcher in the Rye was an immediate popular success. His depiction of adolescent alienation and loss of innocence in the protagonist Holden Caulfield was influential, especially among adolescent readers.[2] The novel remains widely read and controversial,[a] selling around 250,000 copies a year.

J.D. Salinger, a picture of him in the height of his career.

J.D. Salinger, a picture of him in the height of his career.

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Renee Zellweger Sells Country Home in Connecticut in  for $1.6 million.

Renee Zellweger’s Country Home is in Pomfret Center in Connecticut.

Renee Zellwegers Connecticut Farm Home On Market.

Renee Zellwegers Connecticut Farm Home On Market.

Actress Renee Zellweger’s 1770 Connecticut farmhouse, at 96 Cotton Road in rural Pomfret Center, is on the market for $1.6 million. She renovated the stylish and luxurious country getaway in 2004.

Its 38 acres overlook the Quinebaug River. The 3,463-square-foot main house includes a top-of-the-line kitchen and a bread-oven-equipped family room.

The updated home has old-fashioned charm with exposed beams and architectural details. There is also a guesthouse, a “recreation barn” and a swimming pool.

Zellweger, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Cold Mountain,” broke out with her 1996 performance in “Jerry Maguire” and endeared herself to audiences in “Bridget Jones’s Diary” by wearing giant underpants.

Renee Zellweger bought the 1770 Colonial-Federal residence in 2004 for $1.3 million and extensively renovated it.

Actress Renee Zellweger’s 1770 Connecticut farmhouse, at 96 Cotton Road in rural Pomfret Center, is on the market for $1.6 million

Actress Renee Zellweger’s 1770 Connecticut farmhouse, at 96 Cotton Road in rural Pomfret Center, is on the market for $1.6 million


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The Cheapest Places To Live In America.

Cheapest Places to live in America start with looking in Texas and Arkansas.

Five of the ten cheapest cities in the U.S. can be found in Texas and Arkansas.
If you’re looking for affordable places to live, start your search in Texas and Arkansas. Five of the ten cheapest cities in the U.S. can be found in those two states. The rest of the cities are scattered across the nation’s midsection, from as far west as Idaho to as far east as Tennessee. Some might come as a surprise.We compiled our list based on the Council for Community and Economic Research’s calculations of living expenses in 307 urban areas. Its Cost of Living Index measures prices for housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, health care, and miscellaneous goods and services. We screened out cities with population below 50,000. All ten finalists, while different in many ways, shared one overarching similarity: super-affordable housing options for renters and homeowners alike.Take a look at our list of the ten cheapest places to live.
10. Idaho Falls, IdahoCost of Living: 12% below average

City Population: 57,646

Median Household Income: $45,990 (U.S.: $52,762)

Median Home Value: $146,900 (U.S.: $186,200)

With the Teton Range to the east and overall housing expenses a full 29.2% below the national average, Idaho Falls residents can afford big views on tiny budgets. In fact, affordable housing is the single biggest contributor to the small city’s low cost of living. Not only do homeowners reap the benefits of modest real estate prices, but apartment renters can enjoy the same panoramic views for just $655 a month, on average. (Nationwide, typical rent for an apartment is $870.) And yes, potatoes are cheap in Idaho Falls — 26% cheaper than the national average, to be precise.

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9. Conway, Ark.

Cost of Living: 12.1% below average

City Population: 60,470

Median Household Income: $44,745

Median Home Value: $147,400

Conway is just 30 miles north of Little Rock, but it’s a world away when it comes to living costs. The city is nestled between Lake Conway and the Arkansas River, and everything from health care to utilities to housing is cheaper in Conway than in the state capital. Medical services are a particular bargain. A visit to the doctor runs about 17% less than the national average, and a dental checkup costs 23% less. Another eye-opening health savings: A trip to the optometrist is nearly 19% cheaper than you’d typically find elsewhere in the U.S.
8. Springfield, Ill.

Cost of Living: 12.3% below average

City Population: 117,076

Median Household Income: $48,022

Median Home Value: $114,100

Abraham Lincoln, the president whose image graces the humble penny, slept here — a good omen of the Illinois capital’s affordability. The median home value falls an enviable 39% below the U.S. median. More telling, you can buy a house in Springfield for less than half the cost of a house in Chicago. Dollars stretch even further thanks to modest utility costs (electricity, phone service and the like), which fall 15.2% below the national average.
7. Pueblo, Colo.

Cost of Living: 12.9% below average

City Population: 107,577

Median Household Income: $34,750

Median Home Value: $118,400

Pueblo, a small city in southern Colorado about 100 miles from Denver, is a perennial contender whenever we look for the cheapest places to live. The median home value, for example, is just half that of the state as a whole. But low living expenses come with a trade-off. Pueblo’s median household income is the lowest on our list and 34% lower than the nation’s. At 22%, the share of the population living below the poverty line is nearly double Colorado’s poverty rate. Unemployment hovers north of 10%.

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6. Wichita Falls, Texas

Cost of Living: 13.6% below average

City Population: 103,931

Median Household Income: $42,559

Median Home Value: $90,500

Wichita Falls has the second-lowest home values on our list of cheap cities, and a typical apartment goes for just $565, $305 less than the national average. To put that rental figure in perspective, the average apartment in Manhattan will set you back $3,902 a month. But income is solid relative to the city’s reasonable across-the-board living expenses, and the unemployment rate is low. Sheppard Air Force Base is a top employer of Wichita Falls residents and a major contributor to the regional economy.
5. Fayetteville, Ark.

Cost of Living: 14% below average

City Population: 75,102

Median Household Income: $35,970

Median Home Value: $177,900

This low-cost city lies in the northwestern corner of Arkansas, a short hop from Missouri, Oklahoma and the Ozark National Forest. Fayetteville is best known for being home to the University of Arkansas, a major local employer. While salaries aren’t big, unemployment in the Fayetteville area is below the national average. It doesn’t hurt that Wal-Mart is based in nearby Bentonville. Paychecks stretch further thanks to Fayetteville’s particularly low housing, transportation and utility costs.
4. Memphis, Tenn.

Cost of Living: 14% below average

City Population: 652,050

Median Household Income: $37,072

Median Home Value: $99,000

Memphis is a big city — it’s the biggest in Tennessee and has over half a million more residents than the next-largest city on this list (McAllen, Texas). Yet it doesn’t have big-city prices. You can buy a home in Memphis for less than $100,000, a price tag that’s hard to match in a comparably sized city. Proximity to the Mississippi River makes it a hub for the shipping and transportation industries. Memphis is home to three Fortune 500 companies (FedEx, International Paper and AutoZone), numerous colleges and universities, mouthwatering ribs and, of course, Graceland.

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3. Norman, Okla.

Cost of Living: 14.4% below average

City Population: 113,273

Median Household Income: $46,595

Median Home Value: $147,100

Lying just south of Oklahoma City, Norman enjoys a unique combination of low unemployment, low living expenses and high incomes. Housing and health care are particularly affordable. Apartments rent for $647 a month, on average — $100 less than in Oklahoma City — and a doctor’s visit costs 21% less in Norman than in the state capital. The city is home to the National Weather Center, which is fitting considering that Norman sits in the heart of tornado country.
2. McAllen, Texas

Cost of Living: 14.6% below average

City Population: 133,742

Median Household Income: $39,193

Median Home Value: $105,300

McAllen, which sits in the southern tip of Texas along the Rio Grande, has close ties to Mexico, both geographically and culturally. Nearly 85% of the residents are Hispanic, 78.9% speak a language other than English at home, and 28.6% are foreign-born. There are busy border crossings between McAllen and Reynosa, the adjacent Mexican city that’s seen its fair share of drug violence. And it’s a closer drive to Monterrey, Mexico (about three hours away) than to San Antonio (four hours) or Houston (six hours). Area unemployment is high, but living costs are low, especially for housing and groceries.
1. Harlingen, Texas

Cost of Living: 18.2% below average

City Population: 66,122

Median Household Income: $35,267

Median Home Value: $77,900

Head east toward the Gulf of Mexico from McAllen, number two on our list, and you’ll soon run into Harlingen, another South Texas city with ultra-low living costs. Cheap housing is a big factor in its affordability, but so are cheap groceries. Of the 307 urban areas we looked at, only Corpus Christi and San Antonio, also in Texas, have cheaper groceries than Harlingen. But affordability doesn’t necessarily equate to prosperity. Near- double-digit unemployment contributes to the city’s 32% poverty rate, nearly double the statewide mark of 17%. The median household income for Harlingen trails the nation by a full $17,500.

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