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Selling Strategies To Get You The Most Money For Your Home.

Useful Selling strategies and Tips for Sellers to get the MOST money and multiple offers.

The Biszantz Connection Tips for getting the most money and multiple offers for your listed home.

How to sell your home fast with multiple offers? Listen to this!

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Biszantz Connection

How Buyers Gain A Huge Advantage Using The Biszantz Connection.

How we can help you Buy a property in San Diego

 Gets you weekly deals at your price range delivered to your email box. 

Watch Shannon’s Video as she explains on how The Biszantz Connection team can help you with buying a property in San Diego Area.


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For San Diego real estate inquiries or concerns, you may reach Shannon at 619-417-4655 or email:

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Cheap Summer DIY Projects

Cheap DIY Projects for this Summer

Summer DIY Projects that you and your kids can enjoy.

The best time of the year to do a lot of repainting, fixing and upgrading. Skies the limit if you will be just creative. Summer project doesn’t always have to be fixing things. You can do some crafts, arts, or just about anything!  Something that adults and kids would love! Plus, This is the best time of the year to spend some quality time outside. Appreciate the trees, the flowers, and the bees or butterflies. Get that natural tan that you always want, but don’t forget your sunblock. Let’s have your backyard ready for some summer fun with these Summer DIY projects!

1. DIY Summer Drinks

Summer DIY drinks

Summer DIY drinks

I know this is not exactly what you wanted to see for number 1 for a summer DIY project. Come on! You’ll need an effort to make your juice right? But the point is, if you will be working alone or with your kids outside, it will be nice to have snacks and cold juice waiting by the shade. We do not want anyone getting dehydrated. Plus, these containers will absolutely look good for a lemonade stand. Click here for DIY yummy organic juice recipes.

2.  DIY Backyard Cinema


Summer DIY: Backyard Cinema

This is something a DIY project that kids will absolutely enjoy! Have your cushions ready, whip some popcorn, chip’s, and drinks.Watching their favorite movies under the stars, comfortable and feeling the night breeze.Also, don’t forget your OFF! lotion. After watching, you can do some stargazing. Click here for DIY tutorial.

3. DIY Glow in the dark Pots

DIY Glow in the dark pots

DIY Glow in the dark pot

I like everything that glows! This DIY project is just to add that extra something in your backyard. Have your kids help you plant a flower in the pot and wait for night time to see your pot glow! You can also do a DIY glow in the dark rocks to light your path without using electricity. Click here for the DIY tutorial.

4. DIY Day Bed

diy day bed

DIY day bed

Having an afternoon nap at your backyard can be relaxing and have a healing effect. Imagine breathing only the fresh air while you sleep! Check around the house, in your garage or storage area and turn it to a day bed. I even saw a day bed using 4 old chairs and it’s gorgeous! Click here for DIY tutorial.

5. Lawn Twister


DIY Lawn Twister

Playing twister by the grass can be the most wonderful feeling ever! Bare feet touching the grass, rolling and rough playing by the grass during summer is the fun part of all. With this DIY, you don’t really have to worry slipping while you play twister. I believe this is one of the safe places you can play this game. Click here for the DIY tutorial.

For kids, summer is all about fun, making memories and experience. Have them help you with some projects, big or small they will absolutely appreciate it. Get them involve with this DIY projects.

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Increase you home value


Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Simple ways to Increase your Home Value.

List of things that you can do to Increase your Home‘s Value.

At some point in our lives, we sell our home and move to a bigger house or our job requires us to move in a different state. Whatever the reason may be, there is always one thing that concerns us and that is “How much is my home’s worth?” The big question that we always have before we decide to sell our home. When we sell our home, we always want a little profit from what we originally purchased our home.

So what exactly can we do to maximize or increase the value of our home? Here are some simple ways that you can do to increase the value of your home.

1. Paint.

paint home

Choose the right Color for your Home

You’ve guessed it right! Painting your exterior and interior walls will boost the value of you home! Plan ahead. Choose the color scheme that can catch attention, the good kind of attention. Choosing the right color for your house can absolutely and dramatically increase your home’s value. Pick the colors on a cloudy day or in an open shade. Click here for more tips on choosing the right color for your exterior. I know that you are worried about the cost, so it’s better if you plan ahead. Click here for an estimated cost for painting your home. Painting the interior you can do it yourself or hire a professional. Always plan ahead so you can do some budgeting.

2. Kitchen

Matching Appliances can increase Home Value

Matching Appliances can increase Home Value

Repainting your kitchen walls, cabinets and counters with a new fresh and modern scheme will give your kitchen a boost! Also, your appliances should match each other. If you are aiming for a stainless steel door, your oven, or the dishwasher should match. You can order a new door for your appliances, call the manufacturer or check online if they have a door replacement for your appliances. I think this one of the cheapest and most effective way to give your kitchen a fresh look. Click here for more tips on Updating your kitchen.

3. Bathroom

increase the value of your house

Do not forget to update your bathroom to increase the value of your home.

A fresh paint will do the trick! Choose the color that is fresh or something now will help to increase the value of your home. Also, don’t forget to change the toilet seat cover and redoing your bathroom grout. Small details count. Fixing or replacing what is broken will boost the value of your home! Click here for more tips on Updating your bathroom.

4. Landscaping.

Landscaping increases home value

Landscaping increases home value

Nobody wants to live in a wasteland, that is if your landscaping is that bad. Landscaping your property can be a bit costly especially if you will be hiring a professional to do it for you. However, a property that is professionally done and with a gorgeous landscape can boost your home or your property value up to 28% and this is according to economist John Harris. A Portland, Ore., study found that trees with a sizable canopy growing within 100 feet of other houses added about $9,000 to their sale price and shaved two days off its time on the market, according to You can also visit their website for more information.


We all want to sell our home for a top dollar. However, we need to do our part to fix or replace whatever is broken in our home and throw whatever is not needed to create more space in our home. You can also request for a free Home valuation in San Diego area, click here.

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Low-Cost Living Room Make Over

Low-Cost Living Room Makeover

Living room makeover without spending too much.

Keep your Living room up to date, fresh and ready to welcome guests!


Keeping your living room up to date can cost you a lot. If we will follow the living room trends that we keep on seeing in the magazines right now, definitely our savings account will go sour. If you know what I mean! A makeover doesn’t have to cost as much… All we need is our creativity, time, effort and help to complete our living room makeover! Now, take your time and look at your living room, what changes would you like to make? Is it always cluttered? Is everything in your living room out of date? Or maybe walls needs some fixing or in need of new paint? I know! There are a lot of things that you would like to change in your living room.

Creativity is the key to keeping your living room up to date. Let’s have a look at some ways as to how we can keep our living room up to date!

1. Fix the Broken wall.


Low-Cost Living Room Makeover

Nobody wants to go home and always see the cracks or the broken wall in your living room.  A broken wall is an eyesore and a downer. Also, if we want our living room updated… A broken wall doesn’t count. We don’t really have to change the whole wall and it doesn’t cost much to have the walls in the living room repaired. You can do it yourself or by your husband. Click here for steps on fixing a drywall.

2. Repaint your Living room.

Low Cost Living Room Make Over

Low-cost Living Room Makeover

Updating the paint in your wall can give you that fresh and updated look for your living room. You just have to be creative. Check other websites for the new color trend for a living room. But, of course, choose the color that you really like for your living room. We don’t really have to follow the trend. We need the color that your stuff can blend well and what you really like. Click here for a DIY wall painting tutorial.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture.


Low-Cost Living Room Make Over

If you have a fireplace, make it the focal point of your living room. Don’t be scared to move your furniture around! Picture your living room from one standpoint. Does it look good or not? If it doesn’t move it again! It’s tiring but rewarding! Also, it’s a good workout! If you have run out of ideas or before you even start… check some websites with cool living room ideas.

4. Declutter and Organize.


Low-Cost Living Room Makeover

I always say this… Less is More! Less stuff gives you more space. If you don’t need it, throw or donate it. I know it’s hard to throw things away. However… A Clutter-free environment gives you that whole new good vibe of your living room! It makes you feel refreshed and happy! But if you cannot part with your stuff, please… organize it. There some shelves that you can assemble to keep your things organized.

5. Accessorize.

Low Cost Living Room Make Over

Low-Cost Living Room Makeover

Add some color! Complete the look of your living room. Buy new pillows that can compliment your newly painted walls! Add some art. You can just buy a frame and have your kids do the artwork. Get a vase that you are no longer using and clean it. Don’t forget to add an indoor plant. Remember! Keep it simple.

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