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Successful Termite Tenting For Termite Techniques on Homes to Save your Beautiful Foliage.

 When Termite Tenting How To Save your precious foliage when tenting a home your are buying or selling.

Getting ready to Tent this home in Whispering Palms

Getting ready to Tent this home in Whispering Palms

Termite tenting is  the name given to the process of getting rid of termites if you have a large  infestation in your house. This anti-termite technique is a very effective way  of dealing with the extermination of these pests. The process involves  protecting the area under the attack of termites with a tent or polyethylene  shrouds. After the tenting is in place, a termite killing gas is released and it  gets rid of pests in every nook and cranny of the house. Following is how to  prepare for termite tenting:What is Tenting? It is the  process of completely covering your affected property with a tent, tarp or a  polyethylene cover and then giving a full blast of an anti-bug spray, which,  when released, clears the place from this menace by eradicating all the  termites. Big fans are placed in different areas to circulate the gas in the  house. This procedure takes care of rampant termite infestations. This method is  great because not only does it take care of the ‘procreative’ adult insects, but  also of the future termites

Luckily the pesticides have changed to a new fumigant that is called Fulfuryl Fluoride or Vikand.  The beauty of this new pestiside is that if the roots of plants and the plants themselves are absolutely soaked with water, the pesticide will not be able to come in direct contact with the roots..which is a break through in the Tenting Process.  WATER IS AN EFFECTIVE BARRIER TO THIS TYPE OF GAS.


The other beauty to this gas is that once the tent is lifted, the gas rises upwards and dissapates into the air! Verses in the past having to wait 24 hours for the gas to disappear.

When you buy a home, make sure your buyers agent or sellers agent is dilligently out there soaking all the roots, shrubs and any foliage that might come in contact with the tent.


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Real Estate Information You Should Know About Homeownership Post Recession

Homeownership…Renting vs. Owning

Very interesting video about the difference in “how we feel” about homeownership and living in our society and how we react within our communities when we own verses rent. She talks about how much more “we are connected” with our surroundings when we own verses rent. I have to agree that my home is “my haven” in these challenging times.

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The second part of carvaning a home to all the realtors in the neighborhood is actually getting them to show up! Wednesday, April 1st was the day we chose to put Avenida Calma on Realtor Caravan day (which is every Wednesday). In the morning on Wednesday, every new listing is on caravan from Encinitas to Carmel Valley. There might be 30-60 houses being shown for the first time that day.

How do you get the most realtors to preview your house? IN THAT LIES THE KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL SALE!

I try to pick a theme for each home and market that theme. In this case the theme is around a “French Provencial Style Home” and Easter. So we had a “French style lunch and a Realtors Easter Egg Hunt.”

I wore the bunny ears for three days before caravan so all agents in the office would not forget my easter egg hunt coming up.

Below you can see me “Trying to entice agents to come see my house…on Avenida Calma.”

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A perfect ending to the Gonzalez trip after 3 days of golf was a dinner with the Jankovic’s at Hyatt Grand Champion Resort. Jelena posing with Elsa and Augustine. This is what The Biszantz Connection is all about….bringing new friends, buyers and sellers alike together!



Shannon Biszantz

Shannon Biszantz

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