6 Easy DIY No-Carve Thanksgiving Centerpieces

6 Thanksgiving DIY Centerpieces NO Carving Required

No carve centerpieces for Thanksgiving that doesn’t require your Carving tools.


I know this is way overdue and Thanksgiving is over, but I really wanted to share this and maybe, we can use some of the ideas for our DIY Christmas designs.

Thanksgiving is almost near and yes, it is one of my favorite holidays! I guess, I love all the holidays where I can eat a lot. The pumpkin pie, the turkey, cranberry sauce, squash soup, and mashed potatoes! Yummy!

However, thanksgiving is not just about pigging out until you can’t move anymore. Thanksgiving is a holiday where it’s best spent with the people you love, the people who made a difference in your life, be thankful about the blessings we have received, and to be thankful about the obstacles that came and made us stronger.

Thanksgiving today was a lot different as to how it was being celebrated before but the concept still remains and that is to appreciate and be thankful of all the blessings we have received. But, one of the things I love about Thanksgiving is the chance to decorate your home by making it a lot cozier, warm, and to generally set the mood for Thanksgiving.

I decided to do a list of the 6 DIY No- Carve Thanksgiving Centerpieces for this upcoming Holliday season. There might be one or two where we need to use a knife, but you can skip that f you are not comfortable doing it.

Here are the 6 Easy DIY No-Carve Thanksgiving Centerpieces. Enjoy!

1. Metallic- Glittered Pumpkins


  • Pumpkins with different sizes
  • Spray paint or glitter or metallic paint
  • Newspaper
  • Glue if you will use the glitters

Spread the newspaper over your working area. Make sure that it’s large enough to cover the whole area where you will be spray painting the pumpkins. Spray paint the pumpkin or paint it accordingly. Coat the pumpkin until you reach the desired color and choose multiple metallic colors. Finally, let it dry over the newspaper.

2. Pumpkin Candle Holder


  • Pumpkins (small to medium size depending on the candle size)
  • Knife or any carving tool
  • Candle
  • Accessories like ribbons, leaves, etc.

Gather all the materials pumpkin, candle, and your carving tool or knife. Measure the candle over the pumpkin and have it traced using a pen or using the knife. Remove the portion where your candle will be inserted and should be deep enough to hold and balance your tall candle.

Or you can just buy a candle shaped like a pumpkin! Just kidding! It’ll be nice to display something that you actually made.



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