Buying In San Diego: It’s a Jungle Out There!

My favorite success story Success story of Home Buyer’s in San Diego

Patti and Andrew Peach changed my life…and hopefully, I changed theirs.

The Peach’s have been my friends and have seen the results of my work for years and knew the care and mindfulness that I use with all of my family of clients. When they asked me to help them find their very first home, I was so flattered and excited that I could be of service.

As great a compliment as it was, this was going to be a challenge.  The Peach’s price point was right above the median in San Diego.  Simply meaning, there are a lot more buyers than there are homes for sale in that price range!

Before our hunt started, we discussed what to expect on this journey to find their perfect home.  It was important they understood that when a home comes on the market at this price point….sellers get 10-20 offers within 24 hours.

 If we prepared correctly and were ready to move fast, we could have the upper edge over the “sea of buyers” trying to find a home they could afford in North San DiegoCounty.  They had some work ahead of them:

  • Every morning, they needed to check their email for the new listings from the day before I sent to them by 6 am and give me their feedback.
  • They had to bwilling to arrange  their schedules to move at a moment’s notice when a new listing appears arrived.  I was constantly monitoring everything getting listed.
  •  They needed to get a Pre-qualifying letter and draft a“love letter” to the sellers explaining who Patti, Andrew, Reagen, and Sierra are and how much they would love the opportunity to own the seller’s home.

Our journey lasted several months, there were lots of offers, counter offers,multiple offers,  countless homes.The effort was intense and full of exciting moments, apprehensive moments, disappointing moments, and trudging in the ravages of El Nino weather! The toughest challenge was trying to get to the homes first.   At this price level, there are so many buyers with offers that far exceeded the advertised list price.

Months went by but Patti and Andrew were real troopers when most would have just given up and continued to rent.



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