Changes for SUMMER You Should Be FOCUSING On!

Summer designs you should be focusing on.

Oh! Summer Days are the longest and nights are the shortest.

The time where the sun makes us feel like we’re melting and we can almost hear Olaf singing “in summer“(Frozen). Generally, during the summer season people tend to spend more time outdoors, picnic, biking, beach volleyball, absolutely the great time to play golf, hanging by the pool and going to the beach is the most popular during summer. But, it’s not every day we get to do all of the activities that I mentioned and most of the time we are staying at home.

Summer means most of us will be using our air conditioning unit to keep us feeling fresh and cool. But, what if we don’t have to always use our air-conditioning unit?

 Here are some tips to keep us feeling cool and fresh this summer

  1. Houseplants!
summer plants
Changes for Summer you Should be Focusing on!

–  As we all know when we breathe, our body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.     Plants can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the surrounding. Adding plant/s in your house can increase the oxygen level, improve health, sharpens focus and keeps the air fresh!

– If you want to purify the air in your  house, use 15 to 18 plants that are 6- to 8-inch in diameter for pots. An Example of indoor plants: Spider plant, Dragon Tree(best placed in living area), and Gerbera Daisy (Best placed in the bedroom, releases oxygen in the night and purifies air). For more information click here.

  1. Change your curtains.
  • Untitled2Curtains can be decorative and it can keep your home stay cool during summerCurtains can prevent heat from entering and leaving the room. But, it doesn’t mean that all parts of the house should have a light fabric. It’s case to case basis. For example… If your bedroom is getting a lot of afternoon sun, you might want to opt for a thick curtain to minimize the sunlight coming into your room especially during summer.
  • Use Light colors to brighten up your space. Light colors cannot absorb much heat; unlike dark colored materials/fabrics.

3. Declutter.

Summer Declutter
Changes for SUMMER you should be focusing on!
  •   – The word is LET GO! This summer, let go of the stuff you don’t need, stuff that is about to turn to a dust bunny and stuff that is taking too much space and not needed.
  •  – If you haven’t done spring cleaning, make way for summer cleaning. Store your winter clothes, comforters. Make way for cotton, buy a new swimwear and rock that summer bod! Removing unnecessary or organizing your stuff gives you more room and space in your home. I’d say our goal is to have that clean, fresh, and clutter free feeling.
  •  – Using baskets or boxes (whatever you prefer, and as many as needed),  Label each box. Example: STORAGE, GIVEAWAY, THROWAWAY, or DONATE, etc… If you are not using it for a really long time and it’s just sitting around accumulating dust… Let go!


4. Keep Cool in your Kitchen.

Summer plant
Changes for SUMMER you should be focusing on!

Sometimes an open window and adding a plant is not enough to keep your kitchen cool during summer. Though, I always suggest to have a plant in the kitchen to help filter the air. Snake plant helps remove nitrogen oxide which is produced by fuel-burning appliances, I’d suggest at least 2- 3 in the kitchen. This summer, change the curtains with a light material to let the air flow in your kitchen. However, if your kitchen is directly getting light from the afternoon sun, you might want to choose a thick material to keep the sun out especially during summer. Clean the counter tops, wipe the stove to remove grime and open the exhaust. It helps to remove that sticky feeling after cooking.

5.. Have your Patio Ready.

Summer Patio
Changes for SUMMER you should be focusing on!


Summer or not we usually hang by our patios. But, summer is the hottest time of the year and definitely we should add something extra to keep us cool this summer. I’m not saying we should add a pool near our patio (it would be nice to have our own pool; though…) But adding a Big umbrella, buying extra chairs and a table that we can place somewhere with lots of trees would be nice.

  • You can add a small pool for your dogs, or at least something to keep them cool during summer.




But most important of all is KEEP HYDRATED! Drink plenty of water and protect yourself from direct sunlight at all cost. Tip: Cracked/chapped lips can be a sign of dehydration.

          Happy Summer!!!

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