Kitchen Update for a LESSER Cost!

modern kitchenUpdate Your Kitchen for a Lesser Cost!

Update your Kitchen for a Lesser Cost.

Keep your Kitchen up to date,  without breaking your savings.

There’s a saying that the kitchen is the heart of our home. One of the places where we all gather and have a good conversation.  For some, the kitchen is where they spent most of their days preparing a good hearty meal, preparing a quick snack, getting a cup of coffee, and baking pastries. Our Kitchen is not just for our families! Our Kitchen is always open to our friends! To keep it simple, the kitchen is the “place to be” in our home. This gives you more reason to update your kitchen. Make it more comfortable and up to date. Make your kitchen more cozy and welcoming! For the husbands make your wife happy and update her kitchen!

Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to cost you your life savings. A simple Kitchen makeover will absolutely make a difference.

1. Paint your Walls, Cabinets, and your Ceiling.

Modern Kitchen Color

Give your kitchen a fresh color makeover. Somehow, I really like this black paint color. It gives the kitchen a sophisticated look. Feel free to choose the color that you want or new color scheme that you want for your kitchen. You can do some traditional colors or you can choose a more “now” color for your kitchen. Click here for a DIY for painting kitchen cabinets. Always, check for some designs online before deciding on the color for the walls and cabinets.

2. Stylish Cabinets.

Modern  Cabinets

Give your cabinets a much-needed personality. I know you want those shiny handles! So, remove those outdated handles, throw away those broken handles and replace your broken hinges. Choose a stylish handle that can compliment well in your newly painted walls. You can still choose a more modern or classic style. As long as in will compliment your kitchen cabinet and walls.

3. Add a Backsplash.

Glossy Back splash
Glossy Backsplash

Kitchen back splash is like a thing now. It gives that added texture to your plain wall. It doesn’t really have to be the whole wall.  You can choose a portion of your kitchen wall that you want to add the backsplash. Also, you can be creative with your backsplash! But don’t forget, it should always complement the theme that you are aiming for!

4. Countertop.

Modern countertop
Modern countertop

Update your countertop that matches your wall or you can match your wall to your countertop. You can choose a modern style for your kitchen countertop, but it can be a bit pricey. Also, natural stones makes a great countertop like granite, slate and soapstone are the most common.

5. Brighten up.

Light fixture
Kitchen Light fixture

Make your kitchen brighter! It sets an ambiance and mood in your kitchen. the number of fixtures depends on the size of your kitchen. A bright kitchen is a happy kitchen. You can also change it to a light fixture that can be dimmed, just in case you want to set the mood for a dinner date.



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