Low-Cost Living Room Make Over

Low-Cost Living Room Makeover

Living room makeover without spending too much.

Keep your Living room up to date, fresh and ready to welcome guests!


Keeping your living room up to date can cost you a lot. If we will follow the living room trends that we keep on seeing in the magazines right now, definitely our savings account will go sour. If you know what I mean! A makeover doesn’t have to cost as much… All we need is our creativity, time, effort and help to complete our living room makeover! Now, take your time and look at your living room, what changes would you like to make? Is it always cluttered? Is everything in your living room out of date? Or maybe walls needs some fixing or in need of new paint? I know! There are a lot of things that you would like to change in your living room.

Creativity is the key to keeping your living room up to date. Let’s have a look at some ways as to how we can keep our living room up to date!

1. Fix the Broken wall.

Low-Cost Living Room Makeover

Nobody wants to go home and always see the cracks or the broken wall in your living room.  A broken wall is an eyesore and a downer. Also, if we want our living room updated… A broken wall doesn’t count. We don’t really have to change the whole wall and it doesn’t cost much to have the walls in the living room repaired. You can do it yourself or by your husband. Click here for steps on fixing a drywall.

2. Repaint your Living room.

Low Cost Living Room Make Over
Low-cost Living Room Makeover

Updating the paint in your wall can give you that fresh and updated look for your living room. You just have to be creative. Check other websites for the new color trend for a living room. But, of course, choose the color that you really like for your living room. We don’t really have to follow the trend. We need the color that your stuff can blend well and what you really like. Click here for a DIY wall painting tutorial.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture.

Low-Cost Living Room Make Over

If you have a fireplace, make it the focal point of your living room. Don’t be scared to move your furniture around! Picture your living room from one standpoint. Does it look good or not? If it doesn’t move it again! It’s tiring but rewarding! Also, it’s a good workout! If you have run out of ideas or before you even start… check some websites with cool living room ideas.

4. Declutter and Organize.

Low-Cost Living Room Makeover

I always say this… Less is More! Less stuff gives you more space. If you don’t need it, throw or donate it. I know it’s hard to throw things away. However… A Clutter-free environment gives you that whole new good vibe of your living room! It makes you feel refreshed and happy! But if you cannot part with your stuff, please… organize it. There some shelves that you can assemble to keep your things organized.

5. Accessorize.

Low Cost Living Room Make Over
Low-Cost Living Room Makeover

Add some color! Complete the look of your living room. Buy new pillows that can compliment your newly painted walls! Add some art. You can just buy a frame and have your kids do the artwork. Get a vase that you are no longer using and clean it. Don’t forget to add an indoor plant. Remember! Keep it simple.

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