North San Diego’s Most Haunted Places


I am one of those people who is counting the days before Halloween, who doesn’t right? For whatever reason, Halloween is one of my most favorite time of the year and yes, like a kid, I am counting each day until Halloween Day comes.

All places have their own history and North San Diego is one of those counties. If you are into history, you will find it amusing like I do. Each place in North San Diego County has their own history and contributions in founding the place. Since it almost Halloween… I am sharing you some ghost stories and some actual proof of this ghost sightings, I’ll even include a link where you can watch it. Mwaahahahaha! Only if there is an existing video or picture.

With that being said, we cannot deny that even the happiest place in San Diego have their own ghost from the past. San Diego is one of the happiest places I know and I guess they do not want to move on and wants to continue partying with the living. I guess, in North San Diego’s case, every location is an opportunity for a ghost hunt! I’m not trying to scare you, San Diego is still one the Best places to live and retire. Just think of this blog as your list of Haunted Places to avoid when you are in town, much better, right?

Here is our list of North San Diego’s Most Haunted Places.

1. Del Mar Race Track Ghosts.

Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, even the happiest place in San Diego have their own ghost from the past. Del Mar Race Track is not an exception to these ghost sightings. Some employees claims of hearing horse hooves, voices laughing, smelling cigar smokes and seeing shadows.

I was skeptical at first but, I saw this video and got goosebumps! The Picture below is a screenshot from this video I found in YouTube channel Just stare at the what wall and you will notice the shadow figure moving. It’s absolutely scary!

2. Hotel Del Coronado

You have probably heard about the Kate Morgan’s ghost Haunting this gorgeous hotel. I looked all over the internet even for any video proof that Kate Morgan is haunting this place. I wasn’t able to find any, except for the orb captured in the picture in this hotel.Paranormal experts said that Kate is most frequently seen in her room, which is Room number 302.

I got her picture from People who stayed in her room claimed to experience flickering lights, television that turns on and off, breezes coming from nowhere, inexplicable scents and sounds, items moving on their own, doors randomly open and closes, and unexplained footsteps and voices.

It is said that there is another ghost lurking this hotel. The room 3502, which was once a maid’s room, is also considered haunted. The house-keeping staff reported that objects are moved around by unseen hands. In a different site, it is said that the person who stayed in that room was the mistress who committed suicide and never left the hotel.



3. Haunted Train Station in Carlsbad.

It is said that this now visitors information center was once a busy train station. Now, this place is a home for the souls and one of the haunted places in Carlsbad. It was once a busy place that served as a telegraph office, a Post Office, a Wells Fargo Express Office and a general store. On the later years, it was used as a shipping point for fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

People claimed that this historical building is haunted by the spirits who loves to make their presence known by making strange noises and appearing to the unsuspecting visitors.

4. The Whaley House Museum.

The Whaley House Museum is known to be as one of the Most haunted places in San Diego. I think it is bound to have ghosts, it’s old, historic and most of the family’s belongings are still there. If you will ask me, this places is really bound to have ghosts. But, what made it interesting (in my opinion) is the poltergeist activity in this home. The video that I saw was just orbs flying and pictures of the family resembling the ghosts captured in the photos. It’s hard not to believe in ghosts, especially if you have seen this picture. You can watch the video here

This is a screenshot from the video that I checked. Scary right?! Watch the whole video and you will see what I mean.

5. The Haunted Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve.

A hike to this gorgeous and breath-taking view can unbundle any nerves that you have. All the stress of the city life and work can be relieved just by going on a hike, enjoying the scenery and breathing only the fresh air. It can be rejuvenating, healing and or scary enough!

This is one of the most haunted places in North San Diego. It is said that this was once a home to ancestors of the Northern Diegueno Indians who lived in Harmony Grove area. There is a local rumor that when you pass through the circular stone henge is that you will experience a time lapse. I would love to try this sometimes, but I hate the hiking part so it’s a no for me!

What makes Elfin Forest one of the Most Haunted Places is that you can see a “white lady” in broad daylight and other’s claimed being touched by this lady in white. I haven’t found any proof of this “ghostly” sighting around the internet but with what I’ve researched it is pretty scary already.

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