Selling Your Home Successfully without any “Surprises” During The Escrow With Pre-Listing Inspections!

Preparing a House For Sale By Being  Pro-Active On Inspections When Selling Your Home.

You have decided to sell your home and EVERYONE wants a “Smooth Sailing Escrow!” It is like music to our ears…and it can be done by being “Pro-Active” before you list your home. A good Listing Realtor will always encourage you to have a Physical Inspection and a Termite Inspection before you publicly list your home.  The main reason to do this is to find out if there are any major, or even minor problems with your home. This gives you the opportunity to “fool proof” your escrow by being pro-active on finding any problems with your home and have them corrected before marketing your home. The reason this is so important is that once a buyer has made an offer and your home is in “Escrow” the buyers will be directed by their agent to get a home inspection on your property. Find out what the problems are before you get to this point so to avoid having to go back to the negotiating table to work out a credit to the buyer or you have to make repairs that you did not anticipate. See Video for why a “Termite Inspection” is so crucial to have before you list your home.

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