Timeless Masterpiece at Muse La Jolla

Featuring Muse La Jolla: a taste of luxury and comfort in a timeless masterpiece

Muse La Jolla a classic place for individuals with a taste for the finer things in life

You’ve put in your time and did a tad more than your fair share of working the daily grind which allowed you your place in life today. It is but fitting to take care of yourself now and experience the best life has to offer. Now is the time to reward yourself for your diligence and hard work. You can start by investing in a property designed in artful elegance and functionality that is fit for a king. Muse La Jolla offers luxury, comfort, and relaxation that suits your lifestyle.

Imagine living in a place with airy interiors, open spaces which overlook a stunning view to start your mornings, and the backdrop of a glorious night sky to lull you to sleep.

Timeless masterpieces (TM)

It is ingeniously paired with bespoke sophistication and modern design in which class can be found all throughout the place. A perfect example is the combined symmetry of architecture, prestigious location, and high-quality construction materials.  A design fit for royalty at the Muse La Jolla.

Muse La Jolla has artistically magnificent haven of sixteen exclusive residences. Boasts of thoughtfully designed spaces curated for individuals with a taste for the finer things in life. Built in the 1960s, Muse was conceptualized and built by lauded architects Ladd & Kelsey. Hiring only the finest and most seasoned craftsmen who met the high standards needed for such a venture, exacting product quality envied by other builders and developers.

This classic La Jolla icon has preserved the vision of the modernist architects while elevating the property to a status that meets the demands of unparalleled luxury in modern living. Picture yourself waking up to the distant sounds of the ocean whilst opening up your eyes to a majestic view of the sea. Each element of Muse’s spacious and airy interiors was considered thoughtfully – applying strict attention to detail. Thus, highlighting the unique sophistication of creating a dreamlike canvas for the top of the line interior materials and finishes while never losing sight of functionality and class.

The Muse has impeccable living space has ceilings that reach up to 12′ and massive 80′ window walls. These provide you an enviable permanent, panoramic view of the ocean, La Jolla Village, Mt Soledad, Girard Avenue and Prospect Street.  Allowing you daily snippets of experiential luxury-living.

Fit with cabinetry from the fine craftspeople of Pininfinia to fixtures by Gessi. Each selection in the living spaces is meant to work in harmony and complement everything you see and touch. Walk through divine foyers into a well-lit open kitchen set with Alpine Quartz island and countertops. Make your everyday meals as simple or as complex as required with reliable top-of-the-line appliances from Miele.

Store your wine collection in your very own walk-in, temperature-controlled wine room with bar. Step into a spaciously indulgent 2-person master bath steam shower and languish as you rejuvenate. End the day by enjoying a tall drink on your private rooftop deck as you take in the majesty of the sea, the mountains, and the city.

If thoughtful design, privacy, security and timeless style is what you desire. Then this is the place you want to wake up to. Nothing will come close to the muted architectural elegance of the Muse. Experience rejuvenation as Muse meets your expectations and refined taste.

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