Last week I received a letter from my good friends and clients, The Ely’s. I sold their home in December here in Whispering Palms.
Often the fun of selling a clients home is the opportunity to find them their new dream home. Unfortunately this was not the case with Jean and Dave Ely. They have moved home to Iowa to be with their children and grandchildren. Their letter indicated that they are happy there, and pleased with their decision and feeling already settled in.
The Ely’s home has many memories for me and many neighbors: 4th of July parties on the deck watching fireworks, the crazy putting contests, Dave perpetually tinkering in his garage while listening to polkas and wheeling and dealing miniature trains on EBay. Jean was truly a client from heaven! I use to look forward to my open houses because she would always leave me fresh baked brownies and gingerbread snap cookies and softdrinks. In real-estate many funny things happen, but I will never forget how the “ 1975 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce” became such a pivotal part of the transaction! The buyer fell in love with it and had to have it!
Jean and Dave can be reached at,

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